An Enlightened Crash Course in Connection, Vitality & Visibility with Jami Young

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Take your life, business and relationships to the next level with one of Saskatchewan’s most notable female leaders and creator of the wildly popular Rise by Design, The Feminine LeaderShift, and Soul Stretch. Jami Young accepts a select number of private clients for a unique and powerful 4-session experience of targeted one-on-one mentorship and guidance that will deepen your leadership capacity, spark your creativity and inspire aligned action.

Are you a corporate, creative, change-maker or conscious entrepreneur? Expand, enhance and elevate your personal and professional development with Free to Be Seen!

Free to be Seen is for you if:

  • Your business or career is floundering because you’re afraid to "put yourself out there."
  • You long to express yourself more freely and fully in your work and relationships.
  • You worry about making others feel small when you share your achievements and accomplishments.
  • You struggle to receive praise and celebration with grace, comfort and ease.
  • You sometimes experience disappointment, discouragement or envy in response to the successes of others.
  • You shudder at the thought of negative feedback, criticism, and internet trolls.

Following Free to be Seen:

  • You unapologetically share your ideas, opinions, gifts, skills and talents with more enthusiasm and energy.
  • You consider vulnerability and authenticity to be among your greatest assets.
  • You routinely speak more freely with courage, confidence and conviction.
  • You actively seek out opportunities to grow your network, promote your business, increase your impact and expand your influence.
  • You openly applaud, share, and celebrate the successes of others.
  • You are seated firmly in your worthiness as a strong, smart and powerful woman.


Now is the time to uncover your brilliance, unlock your power, and unleash your voice!

To learn more and to apply for your spot in Free to be Seen, book your complimentary consultation at