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"A thought is a thought, until it is not."

Within the walls of Yvette Moore Gallery, imagination takes shape — not only in the form of canvas, but in pottery, glass, metal, wood, stone, food and architecture, as well. For more than 40 years, Yvette Moore has been captivating audiences from around the world. Recently completing 20 new original pieces for the 20th anniversary, Yvette’s detail and mastery of Saskatchewan life and scenery is unrivaled. If you are from Saskatchewan, Yvette’s creative capability will stir a memory in your mind and heart. And if you’ve never seen the province before, Yvette’s uncanny depiction of its beauty will stir up your desire to see it firsthand.

Celebrating 20 years as Yvette Moore Gallery in March, the dream of sharing the quality, creativity and craftsmanship of Western Canadian Artists is more important than ever. In a mass-produced climate, it refreshes the soul to see, touch and enjoy one-of-a-kind, precisely handcrafted works.

Beauty exists in detail, and at Yvette Moore Gallery, there is no shortage of meticulous artistry on display. Along with the celebrated detail of Yvette Moore’s unique capability with a paintbrush, you are greeted as you enter by the copper-faced doors and arches in this architectural gem built more than a century ago. In 1910, this magnificent building was created to house the Land Titles Office in a booming Moose Jaw. Magic happens when imagination takes shape, and while imagination for this structure was ambitious, the outcome was even grander. With 18-foot ceilings that beckon your awe and craftsmanship from another time, the building that houses today’s art may be the greatest creation of all.

When you visit Yvette Moore Gallery, you peer into the minds of some of Western Canada’s most gifted artisans. Be inspired by the unparalleled quality of paintings, pottery, jewelry, recycled metal art, stained glass, woodturning, sculpture and more.  Enjoying and buying art is celebrating the single thought that came to fruition from the mind of its crafter.

It is the tangible viewpoint of the creative spirit, and Yvette Moore Gallery begs you to be inspired. Fall in love with that piece that urges a place in your home and your heart. It may be curiosity, the need for that perfectly unique gift, or a reason to spoil yourself — but whatever the reason, Yvette Moore Gallery is the answer.

If history, art and architecture alone are not alluring enough, the smells that greet you from The Gallery Café sure might be. The artistically delicious and creatively homemade menu tempts your taste buds the moment you arrive.

Peer into the imagination at one of Saskatchewan’s premier art galleries where no detail is overlooked. Shop, eat, and explore within the walls of this beautiful architectural treasure — and prepare to be amazed.


Yvette Moore Gallery



Photos Brittany Flegel Photography