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At Refined, we recognize the importance of local businesses in our community. We often only see the business storefront, products and services, and never get to know the business owners behind the scenes. Refined is proud to profile two business owners who are winning at their game, and help you get to know them better with some personal and fun questions.

Where did you grow up/what schools did you attend? I grew up in Calgary and completed my Criminal Justice degree at Mount Royal College. I completed two semesters in Victoria, BC and Guadalajara, Mexico towards a political science degree before moving to Saskatoon for law school.

What led you into this business/career? I went through a rather contentious divorce in my third year of law and into my articles. The process taught me a considerable amount of being on both sides of the desk.

What do you love most about your business? I love the direction law is moving! Things are changing considerably. We have given all of our lawyers Richard Susskind’s book Tomorrow’s Lawyer. The direction we are taking is ground-breaking, at least in this province. For one, we are the first and only all family law firm in Saskatchewan. Second, if we’re not the only cloud-based firm, I expect we’re one of the largest. That’s pretty exciting!

What is your most important characteristic? It’s a tie between my energy and memory. There is no way I would be able to manage and balance the number of things I’ve got going on without either.

How do you support the community/social causes? I have been involved on the executive of both Kinsmen and the Canadian Progress Club, both of which raise funds that go directly to those in need in our community. I am also Chair of the Remai Modern, where very exciting things are happening!

What do you value in your friends? I love that we cannot see one another for a year or more and pick up where we left off. Social media has drastically changed the dynamic of friendship.

Who is the living person that you admire most? Keanu Reeves. He seems to be the world’s favourite person at the moment.

What one piece of advice would you give your younger self? Specialize early. Find what you are good at and genuinely enjoy and run with it.

Let’s talk favourites:

Vacation – Mexico, but not resort Mexico, hostel Mexico

BookTomorrow’s Lawyer by Richard Susskind

Movie – My son and I decided all 23 Marvel movies are in fact one movie, so that one

Song – Girl from Saskatoon by Johnny Cash. I recently discovered this song and read about its history and was fascinated by it.

Food – Something I’ve never tried before;

Dessert – Tiramisu

Vehicle – I had a 1986 Jeep Wrangler that I had to sell in law school shortly after our son was born. I see it every year in the Show and Shine and it drives me nuts!

Way to relax – My guiltiest pleasure is a good cigar — Nicaraguan, not Cuban, which I find to be overrated.

What is your motto? Never pass up an opportunity to leave your comfort zone if there’s a chance you’ll have a good story and experience to reminisce about.

What talent would you like to have? I would love to know how to play a musical instrument.

What would your friends say are your best/worst traits? Humour and honesty are my best and worst.

When did you make a difference? I once introduced a friend from Colombia to his biological Canadian father he had never met before.

What brings you joy? Doing anything with my son.

How did you know you were on the right path? I’m not sure I’ve ever known and still wake up most days with fingers crossed.

Do you ever consider closing your doors? What business advice would you give to others?

All the time, but not for reasons most would suspect. My advice to others trying something new in their industry is to look for examples where what you’re trying to do has either been done or attempted. Reach out and contact those who tried. I have a very close relationship with several lawyers in Calgary working at exclusively family law firms. They have inspired me to stay disciplined and focused.

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