Bellissima Opens its Doors to Saskatoon with Style

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Bellissima has been a staple in the Canadian fashion industry for decades, specializing in fashion for strong, contemporary, on-the-go women. Now for the first time ever, this clothing company has landed on Saskatchewan soil, opening its first location in the province in Saskatoon at the Midtown Plaza this fall.

Combining clothing lines from national and international designers with their in-house designs, Bellissima offers a wide variety of clothing that is fashionable, creative, comfortable and timeless all at once. Their in-house designers prioritize creating garments that are made to last, seeking out the best fabrics and always keeping an eye on trends to make sure their customers leave feeling like the best-dressed.

With a history of excellence in fashion and design, the first Bellissima location opened in 1975 in downtown Vancouver. Originally called “Serena’s,” it was named after husband and wife duo River and Serena, who built the small business from the ground up. Once Serena’s sister joined the business, they branched out to Alberta, and from there they opened new locations across Alberta and B.C.

Today, Bellissima has grown from a one-store operation with four staff members, to more than 400 employees and 26 stores across Canada. Along the way, they also started their own brand, to bring women top of the line clothing with heart.

When asked about their main goal as a business, Bellissima owners affirm that they want to provide women with high-quality fashion that does two things: first, that the clothing complements their body type, lifestyle and individuality, and secondly, that their clothing empowers them to be confident and love their beauty and themselves.

To do this, Bellissima offers styles ranging from formal to casual, with a focus on business casual. In other words, it’s the place to shop if you need workwear, evening wear, and weekend wear. You’ll walk out with gorgeous clothing that is both stylish and comfortable for every day.

Bellissima is proud to carry Canadian designers and labels, including Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman. They also promote and carry made-in-Canada designers, including Simon Chang, Michael Tyler and of course, their in-house designer, Vivian Wong.

With more than 40 years of experience in the fashion industry, Bellissima brings Saskatoon the best of the best in clothing, style, and shopping experience. As soon as you walk into the store, you can expect an atmosphere of respect and gratitude, coupled with an ability to have fun through the shopping experience.

If you’re interested in career opportunities with Bellissima, they are also currently looking for sales associates to join their local team. Their focus on valuing their customers and employees means this company is one you can feel confident about joining.

Be sure to check out Bellissima in the Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon, and for more information, visit