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We wear it every day. It is the most exposed part of our bodies, not to mention our largest organ. Your skin requires special attention and no one knows this better than Dr. Donna Jubin, founder and medical director of Saskatchewan’s premier cosmetic and laser clinic, Bella Sante MD.

With a primary focus on protecting, rejuvenating and maintaining her clients’ skin for more than 25 years, Dr. Jubin is an expert in her field and a trailblazing entrepreneur in the community. With her second clinic open in Stonebridge, this state of the art building powered by solar energy is a beautiful rejuvenation clinic and educational center for staff and physicians in training.

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The Second Location in Stonebridge

When the blueprints were being drawn for her second clinic, Dr. Jubin knew the process and final product would need to align with her goals and values as a business owner, respected doctor and community member. Sustainability and organizational culture were top priorities. “When you are creating a positive work environment and beautiful space, and your staff has the mental, physical and emotional stamina to give back to patients, then it’s palpable,” explains Dr. Jubin.

The decision to power the facility using solar energy was an easy one for the visionary and business owner. “This goes beyond being an entrepreneur. This is the route we need to go as a society. Sustainability isn’t just a part of the Bella Sante brand; it’s a part of who I am.”

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Internationally Educated & Respected

While Dr. Jubin has travelled extensively for her education, she continues to source the most advanced technology and techniques globally to ensure clients are receiving the best care right here on the Prairies. During a recent trip to Ireland, Dr. Jubin and her team were given a rare tour of the Allergan Botox Factory in Westport; the plant produces and houses the entire supply of the world’s favourite wrinkle vanishing drug. Having the vault doors opened for Bella Sante was recognized by the team as a privilege and amazing educational experience.

Understanding the benefits to her business and clients, Dr. Jubin’s investment in her team through continued education has a positive effect on the local beauty industry and raised the bar on standards and practices province-wide.

Authentic Approach to Beauty

Melding technology with a holistic approach, Bella Sante is client-focused with an emphasis on individualized services to suit each unique case. “We build a relationship with our clients and work towards their long-term skincare goals with little downtime and natural-looking results. Everyone deserves to look their absolute best and feel confident. That’s why I love doing this work,” explains Dr. Jubin. “It combines science with art and we have over 25 years’ experience.”

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Expanding Services for Clients

Bella Sante is also expanding its services to include acute skincare with the support of three highly respected dermatologists: Dr. Kyle Cullingham, Dr. Kerry Gardner, and Dr. Monica Miliszewski. Clients can expect the same level of consideration for their more advanced skincare needs with these added specialists.

A Gift for Readers

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Bella Sante, Saskatchewan’s Premier Cosmetic & Laser Clinic