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Chris Wood has hosted close to 400 rose petal spa parties over the past six years. SpaSome party guests can create and personalize their own spa products — including SpaSome bath bombs, bath salts, sugar scrubs, lip balm and lip scrubs.

“I started this business to share the joy of making spa products because it’s so much fun! At a playful rose petal spa session, guests can experience what it’s like to create their own spa products and then try them out,” says Chris.

Originally from Biggar, Saskatchewan, Chris is the former creator and owner of Wood’s Body Goods, (where the spa parties all started). While Chris got her handcrafted beauty products into 75 stores across Canada, she enjoyed the spa parties more than managing the product line. As a result, Chris sold the Wood’s Body Goods name, kept the spa party portion of the business and rebranded the parties to SpaSome.

“Unlike ‘real’ spas where you are highly encouraged to be quiet, there is so much laughter during the whole party. After that, the guests package up their beautiful spa creations to enjoy at home. It’s the real deal! As your SpaSome JoyMaker, I bring all the supplies and packaging required to make fresh and natural spa products — that even includes fresh rose petals,” says Chris. She initially discovered an interest in natural body care products while she was living in Germany. Her curiosity started with essential oils and, from there, she learned how to make beauty products.

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Bridal Party on with SpaSome!

“This is one of the very few options out there where a wide age range can enjoy themselves. So, you could have your eight-year-old niece, your friends, your step-mom and grandmother all enjoying themselves at the same party. SpaSome can accommodate as many people as the venue will hold.” Chris summarizes: “Bridal parties also love the price. At just $45 per person, each guest makes several items, gets pampered from head-to-toe and receives gorgeous one-of-a-kind, handcrafted products. That’s an event that will be remembered forever!”

Refined, Saskatoon, SpaSome, Spa Products, Home Made, Spa, Local Businesses, Local Spa Companies

In addition, SpaSome makes a great children’s birthday party option, offers corporate teambuilding sessions and retirement home get-togethers. Chris also loves to provide spa parties to organizations such as Girl Guides and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Find out more about becoming a SpaSome JoyMaker. Training and mentoring are provided and opportunities are available across Saskatchewan. Global franchise opportunities are available as well.

Refined, Saskatoon, SpaSome, Spa Products, Home Made, Spa, Local Businesses, Local Spa Companies

Words from a Satisfied SpaSome Client

“I just hosted a SpaSome party and it was by far the most fun, exciting and interactive experience I’ve ever had! All my guests couldn’t believe how awesome it was. Chris is so funny and brings the spa experience right into your home. Such a great value and you get to take everything (made from scratch) home with you. Bath bombs, bath salts, lip scrubs, etc. I highly recommend this event; thanks again Chris — you’re amazing at what you do!” —Ele Smiroldo, Saskatoon


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