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CENTURY 21® Dome Gives Back!

CENTURY 21® Dome has raised a lifetime total of more than $1.17 million for Easter Seals!

CENTURY 21® Dome has re-branded with a new logo. What else is changing?

Everything has changed for us. We launched new online tools for our agents to connect with more prospective buyers and sellers. We launched a preferred offer from SaskTel for our clients for 6 months free internet service. We will launch all new websites, customer contact and marketing systems. Our new yard signs have already had a major impact for our sellers. It isn't about a new logo; it is truly about a relentless attitude. We are off to a great start in 2019.

How does CENTURY 21® Dome reflect diversity?

No more gold blazers! We have strong representation in both the Chinese and Punjabi communities with a number of multilingual agents. In addition to agents with many years in the business, we have welcomed many millennials to our sales team, which has helped adapt our communication and enhanced our ability to connect across a broader range of customer demographics. This aligns with our goal of selling homes faster and for more money.

How is CENTURY 21® Dome using technology to serve customers?

Signing documents electronically is an initiative launching in 2019 for all agents, simplifying paperwork for people in different locations. Communication within the office will migrate to cloud computing and new document management software in the spring. Real estate has changed; we need to be connected and communicate efficiently at all times. We are confident this is the year that our agents have the best tools, the best technology and the best support to make their clients’ experience world class.

How is CENTURY 21® balancing the old ways with the new trend to online home shopping?

The average consumer no longer calls us to “find a house.” They have already found it online. They call us when they need advice, guidance and expertise to get access and navigate through the negotiation process. However, online doesn't provide the “feel” of a neighbourhood, the smell of the morning air, the traffic around the corner. We will continue to focus on the experience of finding a home—not simply pictures—and we will provide ample information so clients can make educated decisions. Some will be online, but most of this comes from meeting our agents face to face.

Our Mission: To Define The Gold Standard In Real Estate.

We put people first, exceed clients' expectations, commit to professionalism, and embrace forward thinking in a positive team environment

Century 21® Dome Realty Inc.

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