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Did you know that over time, the air ducts in your home can be traps for contaminates such as mold and mildew, dust mites and bacteria?

Prairie Dust Busters uses state-of-the-art equipment and a direct contact cleaning process to ensure your ducts and entire HVAC system are thoroughly cleaned — removing contaminants and improving air quality.

“Air ducts accumulate dirt and debris over time, and these contaminants recirculate throughout your home every time the furnace or air conditioning runs in a never-ending cycle of stale air,” says Jamee Szauter of Prairie Dust Busters. Jamee suggests cleaning the ducts of your home or commercial property once every two to four years, and more often if you have pets or suffer from allergies.

Advanced Technology

Now in its 26th year serving the Regina community, Prairie Dust Busters is known for being innovators in their industry. The company is the first duct cleaning business to introduce the Skipper System to the Regina area.

Such technology includes sending cameras into the ductwork to analyze the buildup of dust and debris. “With our direct contact cleaning devices that travel down the length of all register pipes and main ducts, we clean every square inch by air washing and scrubbing the system,” says Jamee.

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Along with the Skipper System, Prairie Dust Busters uses air whips, brushes and a full line of robotics to carry out their work. “We have every cleaning tool made for this industry,” says Jamee.

Rebuilding With the Best

In 2017, a fire destroyed the company’s warehouse and nearly all of its equipment. While devastating to the business, it was also an opportunity to rebuild. Jamee sought out the newest, most technologically advanced equipment available, purchasing new portable cleaning units that are the strongest in the world.

He also ordered a new custom-made furnace truck, which arrived in time for the fall 2018 season. The truck, which took eight months to design and build, is ideal for Regina’s largest commercial properties and residential homes.

Prairie Dust Busters uses 10-inch vac hoses which allow for more suction than the typical 8 or 6-inch hose. Due to its size, the compressor was installed in the middle of the truck along with a special-made air tank. This compressor operates at 250 psi for residential homes and can be increased upwards of 500 psi for the largest sized commercial ducts. “It’s the strongest truck the company has ever built,” says Jamee. “We call it the beast.”

Unparalleled Customer Service

Prairie Dust Busters’ team of highly skilled and well-trained technicians ensures that their customers receive the best possible service. Technician Garry Peesker, for example, has been with the company for more than 25 years, offering unparalleled expertise. And all technicians are salary based (as opposed to working on commission).

Prairie Dust Busters also backs up their work with a 100 percent money back guarantee. If for some reason a problem should occur, they will not take payment until you are satisfied with the work. For five years in a row, Prairie Dust Busters has won the Consumer Choice Award for the Top Furnace and Duct Cleaning Business in Regina and for Excellent Customer Service.

“We are all about treating everybody with respect and making sure they are completely satisfied with the job we have done for them,” says Jamee. “We’re a family business you can trust.”

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Amazing service, would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their furnace cleaned. Great value for the price. Excelled in customer service and were very polite. They were so respectful and helpful that I called their Manager this afternoon to say how impressed I was. Service technicians were early, clean and professional. They took the time to explain what they would be doing as well as showing/explaining issues that were found. The guys also took off their shoes each time entering the house so no dirt was tracked into the house and laid mats to protect our flooring. They were very thorough with the service and made sure to ask where all vents and cold air returns were to ensure all ducts were cleaned. Will be recommending highly to friends and family and will definitely be using them again the next time our furnace needs to be cleaned. Very impressed.--gottschall11
Two Thumbs up! I still cannot believe how awesome this company is. Not only did they do a super great job of cleaning my disgusting ducts in a house I had just bought, but they also showed exceptionally caring customer service. My furnace had quit working the evening after the duct cleaning, it was -42 outside and in my panic, I called Prairie Dust Busters hoping they might have known why my furnace quit. Not only did they respond to my call, but sent 3 employees over in under 10 minutes. Upon further investigation, it was the newly installed furnace that had issues, and nothing to do with the duct cleaning, however...they offered much help and support. A big shout out to Gary (Jamie) from Prairie Dust Busters, who stayed right by my side until the furnace company came to fix the problem. He was the real hero, thank you so much! This company went above and beyond anything I could ever expect, I would highly recommend them to anyone. --Jennifer Longman