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Super Guys Facilities Management is committed to practicing the ideals of the comic book heroes that founder Rashawn Nance grew up admiring as a child. In fact, the company’s slogan is “ordinary guys doing the extraordinary.”

Rashawn is president and CEO of Super Guys Facilities. He feels strongly that the cleaning company has a responsibility to lead as role models in the Saskatchewan business community and to serve the greater good. Super Guys Facilities is known for its exceptional customer service and its very professional staff.

Super Guys Offers Professional Cleaning Services

Launched in Regina in 2016, Super Guys Facilities offers professional cleaning services to hundreds of commercial, industrial, government and residential customers throughout the province — all at a reasonable price and using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Growing up in North Carolina, Rashawn’s stepfather owned both cleaning and construction businesses. “When I was 15 or 16, he asked me if I would prefer to own a cleaning business or a construction business. I immediately said cleaning. It’s a great way to meet people and cleaning provides that instant satisfaction of a job well done,” says Rashawn.

Super Guys Facilities’ main offerings include contract janitorial services and window-cleaning, as well as the option of custom property maintenance packages. Residential customers often book their cleaning services four or eight times a month for consistency.

Super Guys Does Construction Cleaning for Commercial & Residential

Given the local building and renovation boom of recent years, another popular service that Super Guys Facilities offers is construction cleaning for commercial and residential customers. Construction cleaning involves removing the building debris such as dust, residue and window stickers in a new build or just-renovated space. “Construction cleaning is a two-step process that involves a pre-clean and a final clean when construction is entirely complete. We leave the space move-in or show home ready. If it’s a business, our customers can open the doors the next day without hesitation,” Rashawn adds.

A new service that Super Guys Facilities offers is its client hub — an innovative way to communicate with customers online. As a result, customers can now schedule a cleaning without worrying about calling during office hours. Rashawn explains that “people love it!”

After three cleans, customers are entered into a monthly lottery to win what Rashawn describes as “unexpected prizes” such as cupcakes, movie passes or Hillberg & Berk earrings. Plus, new customers receive a 15 per cent discount on their first clean. Go above and beyond with Super Guys!

Super Guys Facilities Management Inc.

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Rashawn Nance, owner.   Photo by Calvin Fehr