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Brysen Mann, Author

The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy

Brysen Mann was born in Regina and moved to a farm in Southeast Saskatchewan at an early age. There, he learned firsthand the struggles of farm life, the meaning of hard work and that nothing would just be handed to him. With those basic rules in mind, he began his adventures in his early 20s, including many challenging work opportunities in a variety of fields and locations, most recently the Caribbean.

After 35 years, he has come back full circle back to Regina and started a new chapter in his life with the release of The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy, beginning with The Xeno Manifesto released in December 2017.

The Xeno Manifesto is a modern-day tale that is a combination of psychological thriller/mystery/suspense with a blend of science fiction. Character Deputy Frank Smirnov wants a peaceful life, but fate has chosen a different path. He could never have imagined a course that not only gives him insight into his past but also to the true origins of the human race.

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Mann admits to having an extremely close kinship to two of the main characters in his novels, primarily Frank. “I do believe in the saying ‘write what you know’ and I have done that with The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy. This tale was embedded in my head and when I decided to share Frank’s story, it flowed from memory because many of Frank’s experiences are mine.” Initially written as a screenplay for a movie, it morphed into a trilogy of books. Now, Mann is hearing from many that this trilogy would make a great movie.

The Xeno Manifesto has a number of surprising and interesting twists and turns and a cliff-hanger ending — like all the novels comprising The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy. Coming in early 2019 is The Xeno Manifesto – Reclamation, followed by The Xeno Manifesto – Redemption to be released in mid-2019.

The Xeno Manifesto is available worldwide online in hardcover, paperback and e-book through Indigo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo and CreateSpace. Physical copies will soon be available at the Regina and Saskatoon Indigo, Chapters and Cole’s book stores.



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