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Consignment Women's Clothing & Accessories in All Sizes

Hanger and Rack Curated Consignment quite simply wants you to live your best possible life in stylish clothes that are affordable. Located in the Warehouse District, Hanger and Rack is Regina’s newest curated consignment store, providing an efficient way for women to contribute to the greater good while enjoying the shopping experience.

“We understand that buying stylish new clothes can be expensive, so we offer a way to extend the life of your wardrobe through consignment,” says store owner Theresa McQuoid. Hanger and Rack carries a wide selection of quality women’s clothing and accessories in a variety of sizes — from extra small to plus. “We have a bit of something here for everyone. We are very happy that we can provide an environment where ladies can come in and discover that ‘perfect piece,’ or in some cases, that perfect outfit. We’ve had some amazing pieces come through the store.”

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Trendy & Seasonal Consignment Clothing & Accessories for Women

Following 20 years in the corporate environmental sector, McQuoid decided to redefine herself career-wise. In light of her personal love of consignment, as well as an accumulation of clothes in her own closet, on March 5 of this year, the local entrepreneur opened her local business. “This felt like the best fit for me — to open a consignment store that allows other women to confidently move throughout their world wearing beautiful and affordable ‘new’ clothes.”

Along with offering various clothing labels at discount to buying such items new, McQuoid notes, consignment extends the life of a wardrobe and keeps it from becoming waste. “At the end of the day, far too many clothes end up discarded. Consignment is a great alternative, letting clothes live a great life while giving the previous owner satisfaction of knowing that their once-loved items and hard-earned dollars have not been wasted.”

Hanger and Rack accepts seasonal items that are trendy and in good repair. The store displays those items for up to 90 days. Once sold, the person who consigned the items receives 35 per cent of the sales. If the items do not sell within 90 days, then the original owner can retrieve them.

Refined, Regina, Hanger & Rack, Clothing, Jewelry, Clothing Stores, Accessories, Local Businesses, Local Clothing Companies

View Women's Consignment Clothing & Accessories Online

Alternatively, McQuoid can deliver those items to organizations in need of women’s clothing, or she will find other reusable options. She encourages those interested in selling to contact her. “Selling consignment is a chance to get some money back for that original purchase, plus it gives a chance for somebody else to buy and love the item at a reasonable price.”

Would-be shoppers can visit online or follow Hanger and Rack on Facebook and Instagram for updates on what’s currently available in-store. Those who come to the physical store can expect a vibrant, fresh atmosphere with a friendly approach to customer service. McQuoid says: “Hanger and Rack provides me an opportunity to be creative and to meet a lot of great people! Some folks don’t know exactly what they’re looking for when they come into the store, and I’m able to give them options to consider.”

Refined, Regina, Hanger & Rack, Clothing, Jewelry, Clothing Stores, Accessories, Local Businesses, Local Clothing Companies

As for the future, McQuoid plans to increase her staff in the months ahead. She also intends to serve the other half of the population with her top-quality consignment business. “We’ve had many inquiries as to whether we carry men’s items, and so that would be one of my expansion areas — moving into men’s wear.”

Hanger and Rack Curated Consignment

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