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Dwelling in an environment that you enjoy and that promotes health is an important part of thriving in your home or work space. Where we place our bodies is just as important as how we care for them, and being in a space that evokes feelings of comfort, calmness and tranquility can profoundly impact our personal wellbeing.

Positive space impacts both our physical and mental wellbeing. Imagine living or working in a space that allows for the freedom to grow individually, take on new challenges and focus on what is most important to us. Having a space that aligns with our values — whether that is for family, work, self-care, creative or spiritual pursuits — means we are able to live our best lives!

Design Your Space With Natural Products & Minimal Chemicals

Being surrounded by materials and products that promote a healthy environment makes us healthier overall. Products that are natural and have minimal chemical components not only keep the air we breathe clean but tend to support a clean design aesthetic as well. Bring nature into your space because research shows that spaces with natural light and plant life decrease anxiety and improve motivation. Just think of what that could mean for your business, and how simple design elements can improve your employees’ and clients’ experience.

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Our homes and workspaces impact our social lives, as well. When we are not proud of where we live or work, we are discouraged from inviting others into those spaces. Today, when so much of our interaction happens virtually, maintaining human interaction is so important to our wellbeing. Our environments should encourage a happy, comfortable feeling that you want to welcome others into.

Design With Enough Storage to Create a Relaxing Space

Imagine arriving home after work to find jackets and bags strewn about with no proper storage. Then, you start making dinner but have to awkwardly reach into crammed cupboards, where one wrong move means everything comes tumbling out. In comparison, what if you came home and instantly felt peaceful? There are designated spots for everyone’s coat, shoes and bag, and dinner is easy because you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your kitchen. Everything has its spot, there’s enough storage and you feel proud of the space.

The first visualization creates feelings of irritation and negativity, while the second evokes an uplifting, stress-free feeling, simply based on how a space is designed.

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Do A Self-Inventory Before You Design Your Space

Changing your space to ensure it is beneficial to your life will have amazing effects on your wellbeing, and the process itself can be quite enlightening. We suggest that you begin by conducting a self-inventory where you define your values and determine the most important aspects of your life. From here, you can evaluate your space and the things in it, and you will be able to clearly see what either supports your values or detracts from them.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with creating a space you love, consider consulting a processional. At Metric, we often hear from clients about how proud and excited they are to show off their space to their friends, family and clients. When we’re creating a space, we consider wellness, function, and how a space feels, just as much as the aesthetic and design.

Improving your space to be an inspiring representation of who you are is an investment in your health, happiness and overall wellbeing.


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