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They had originally designed their own home on the farm. But after they sold their grain farm in Marquis, northwest of Moose Jaw, and decided to move to the city for their retirement, Carrie and Michael Froehlich decided to take their dream home to the next level. So the retired couple with two adult children, plus three grandchildren (and one more on the way) engaged renowned Canadian interior designer, Jane Lockhart, to help with the design.

Jane Lockhart is an award-winning Canadian interior designer, television personality, author, spokesperson and an all-round expert in the world of design and colour. Jane’s popular television series Colour Confidential has 157 episodes and ran over six seasons. “I’ve followed Jane’s work for her entire career,” says Carrie.

Based in Toronto, Jane Lockhart Interior Design was new to designing homes in the Prairies. “I approached her office, but I had to be interviewed by telephone first, then I flew to Toronto to meet with Jane. After our initial meeting, Jane then decided to fly to Saskatchewan and take on our project,” says Carrie. Interestingly, Jane had been a Benjamin Moore Paint representative early in her career and had spent some time in Saskatchewan back then.

The Froehlich’s home was custom built by the in-demand company Sandbeck Construction. Jim Sandbeck has worked in residential construction in Moose Jaw for more than 40 years and Sandbeck Construction is family-owned and operated. Jim and his son Christopher are both journeymen carpenters.

Says Jane Lockhart: "The Craftsman-inspired home really helped form the vision for this new home. The expansive floor plan and soaring ceilings really make a statement and we wanted to make sure the furnishings and custom-designed built-ins all worked with the overall style. Soft neutrals in different patterns formed the backdrop with hints of blue tones acting as the punctuation points.”

Craftsman is defined as a domestic architectural style that emerged during the first few decades of the 20th century in North America. It was greatly influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and plenty of examples of original Craftsman-style homes can still be found in California.

On paper, the scale of the Froehlich’s home could sound daunting – three bedrooms plus a den, five bathrooms and a four-car garage – for a total of 2,400 square feet on each of its two levels. However, the goal of the Craftsman style is to create a home design that puts function first. Craftsman-inspired bungalows are relatively modest in appearance and the Froehlich’s is no exemption.

The Moose Jaw home incorporates elements specific to the Craftsman look, including a covered front porch (complete with a whimsical veranda swing), pillars lining the entryway, exterior windows with mullions and a prominent stone fireplace. Michael's favourite place in the home is the outdoor fireplace area. Carrie points out the nook for grandkids to play in under the basement staircase, complete with a cushion area, as one of her favourite details.

The couple was particularly pleased that Jane was able to work with pieces from Carrie’s existing art collection. “Jane has such an eye and was able to use about 80 per cent of our existing art, just by grouping pieces together to create the best impact.”

How did Jane feel about her Moose Jaw experience? “I loved working with Carrie (the homeowners) and having the ability to come and see the project at significant points in the process. I felt welcomed and warm here and wanted to convey that feeling in the home."

All told, it was a two-year process and the Froehlichs moved into their gorgeous new home in October 2018. The home overlooks Moose Jaw’s Hillcrest Golf Club, as well as having a beautiful view of the historic Ross School building.

“Usually, the master bedroom of a house has the best view, but we aren’t people who sit around in the bedroom, so we moved the master bedroom to the front of the house. Now we share the amazing view with everyone in the great room instead,” explains Michael.

How would the Froehlichs sum up their experience of working with Jane on their new home’s interior design? “It totally exceeded our expectations and it was the best money we spent. Everything went so smoothly, and it was a relaxed situation.”


Jane Lockhart Interior Design, Toronto

Sandbeck Construction, Moose Jaw


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