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Top Photo Credit: Chris Kendall, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Have you had the pleasure of enjoying a fruit soup? How about a rich smooth and satisfying green smoothie? This simple and nutritionally amazing recipe combines the power of both to give you and your loved ones a real one-two-punch for your health!

We all know fruits and vegetables are healthy for us and yet many have a hard time getting enough in, especially leafy greens! This combo may sound strange at first, but the flavours and textures come together so well, you will be going back for seconds. As an added bonus, vitamin C in the oranges helps increase the absorption of both the iron and calcium from the spinach.

It’s a recipe Popeye would be proud of, best enjoyed on an empty stomach for breakfast or lunch, or as an appetizer before any cooked or heavier foods for optimal digestion and absorption. I really hope you love it!

Sweet and Savoury Fruit Soup
(makes one large serving - approximately 750 calories, 15 g protein)


1 lb. green or red seedless grapes (460 g)
1.5 lb. seedless mandarins or oranges (690 g)
.5 lb. baby spinach (230 g)


  • Start by soaking the grapes in warm water with a cap full of vinegar to wash off any sprays. Your favourite veggie wash also helps to remove oil-based sprays. (Both conventional and organic grapes are heavily sprayed with undesirable chemicals.)
  • Peel the mandarins and place in your blender, blending till smooth. If you can’t find mandarins, simply juice your oranges and add the fresh juice to your blender.
  • Add the spinach and blend till smooth and creamy. You can start with the .5 lb. of spinach and add more until desired taste and texture is achieved. I love mine really thick with 1-plus lb. of spinach!
  • Rinse off the grapes, removing stems and placing in a large bowl.
  • Pour the mandarin spinach smoothie over top of the grapes and eat with a big spoon!