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Owner of Future Design Coaching Services, Brett Skrupski is a Certified Coach (CCP) through the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) helping individuals and businesses across Saskatchewan. Possessing a keen passion for exploring habits, self-limiting belief, and the neuroscience behind them, Brett is a proud coach, speaker and educator. With degrees in Finance and Philosophy, this former accountant harnesses his innate desire to serve and contribute to others' transformation through his Mindset Coaching, and by training new coaches in Saskatchewan for CCF.

What is the last book you read? The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It’s remarkable learning about the habits and patterns in our lives, and how we condition ourselves into so much limitation. Duhigg does a wonderful job of breaking things down in the book, and it’s such an enjoyable and fascinating exploration of the role our habits play in our lives.

 What musical artist are you embarrassed to admit you like? I love 1980s music a lot. While I may not be embarrassed by it, those around me usually are — especially when I break out into full karaoke mode. I’ve been known to seriously rock some Phil Collins and Roxette, to name a few, in my time

What would your best Friday night be? Taking my two dogs for a nice long summer walk by the river with my wife, Crystal. We love getting out together when the weather’s nice, and it makes for a really great evening

Name one characteristic every business leader possesses. Tenacity. Not in a mean or overbearing sense, but rather, a hunger to succeed. Successful people don’t give up — they simply change course, direction or tactics. Tenacious people will squeeze every ounce of opportunity from any situation they’re in and then look for the next one. Wherever and however they can create value, they will. 

What habits do you have that are important to your success? There are a few things. First, practicing gratitude. I purposefully acknowledge what I appreciate in my life, and it radically changes the way I look at everything. The second thing is choosing to be positive. Our brains very easily slip into negativity, so I’m very mindful to choose positivity.  I accept negativity and the role it plays in my life but choose to create balance by purposefully looking for the positive that exists as well. And lastly, creating value wherever I can. That might mean holding a door open for someone, perhaps a kind word or two, or maybe an incredibly rewarding and enriching session with a client. Wherever I can make a positive impact and create value for someone else, I aim to do it.

What do you love most about your job? The moment when a client recognizes the real changes they’ve made in their lives. It may seem like a given from the outside looking in, but so many of us don’t really believe we have the power to affect the path we’re on or even alter it entirely. When someone becomes aware, empowered and confident in taking action to direct their life moving forward, it’s an incredibly humbling experience to know I played a role in helping them get to that point.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people wouldn't know? I have a degree in philosophy and actually intended on becoming a professor of philosophy. While that ultimately didn’t happen, my desire to teach has come full circle, as I have the privilege of training new coaches here in Saskatchewan.

What is one thing you are really passionate about? Helping others. More specifically, helping others to recognize how truly phenomenal they are.  We have a tendency to become our own worst critics, and helping others to quiet that inner dialogue and recognize their worth, power, ability, capability and so much more, is something I’m deeply passionate about.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? I love the quote: ‘Words only hold power over you if you allow them to.” Growing up, like many other people, I had a very difficult time dealing with judgment, criticism and what others thought of me. It took me an incredibly long time to understand that only I can determine my truth, and what I believe about myself. Understanding that, “I am” is so much more powerful and meaningful than “You are” has been one of the single greatest realizations of my life.