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To ensure the highest quality and longest lifespan of your new shingles, make sure you get your complimentary Attic Experts inspection.

Here’s why:

1. Mould Or Mildew Inside The Attic

Although roofers replace compromised/damaged sheets, mould or mildew can be easy to miss if the only visible signs are inside the attic space. A sheet can appear perfectly ­ neon the outside, but there can be visible signs of damage on the inside. Signs of damage can include mould, mildew, water markings and delaminated sheets. If these issues are not corrected, the life of your new shingles will be significantly shortened and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Attic Structure

The attic structure is the skeleton of your entire roof assembly. It is what supports the sheeting and shingles, along with snow and wind load. If your structure has over-spanned, fatigued trusses or missing collar ties, the load bearing support capacity of the structure will become weakened over time and potentially break, resulting in a failed roof assembly.

3. Vapour Barrier

Humidity and moisture are present in all homes and come from cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, and even breathing! Humidity is always present and warm air is always trying to rise up into the attic space. Your vapour barrier minimizes humidity from entering the attic space and condensing on the structure and sheeting. If the vapour barrier is compromised, this condensation will result in mould and deterioration of the structure. ‑ is is the very structure your newly installed shingles are attached to! Attic Experts have the knowledge, experience and technology to find breeches and correct them.

4. Attic Intake and Exhaust Ventilation

For anyone who has been in an attic during the summer months, you know it gets extremely hot. ‑ is heat is just as uncomfortable for the shingles, which are designed to have heat present on top — not underneath. If the attic space gets too hot, it will speed up the breakdown of the components of the asphalt shingles. Excessive heat will cause the shingles to curl and fail prematurely; this is common on older homes that have had new aluminum or vinyl soffit installed over the original plywood. Soffit and roof venting must be balanced and sufficiently exhaust this heat, and keep the shingles from being exposed to the extreme heat.

5. The Rest Of The Attic

There are so many other things to be aware of inside the attic. Baffles, insulation levels, bathroom and kitchen fans, plumbing protrusions, chimney chases, and wiring pulls — just to name a few. Your Ultimate Attic Expert can provide you with a solid, strategic, logical plan that will help you get the best results from your new shingles. Remember — this is your home we’re talking about, one of the single largest investments you will make. Often, we will choose the lowest quote to save a few dollars, but most people would agree the quality and longevity of the work is often more important than the couple of dollars saved by taking the lowest quote. Including Ultimate Attic Experts in your home construction and maintenance will save you more today and give you maximum performance long into the future.

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