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Ask anyone who saw the production Chicago at the Globe Theatre between September 11 and October 6, and you will hear such descriptors as “marvelous” and “breathtaking.”  To this list, I will simply add “show-stopping.” It was a great way for the Globe to kick off their 54th season.

Adapted from a play written about actual crimes that occurred in the U.S. in the 1920s, Chicago has become the longest-running American musical on Broadway. A satire about America’s obsession with murder, sex and celebrity, the story is told through a series of vaudeville musical acts performed to a jazz-infused score — think flapper, Charleston and dazzling costumes.

The 2002 movie adaptation of Chicago has always been one of my favourites, and I found myself transported back to the movie during many moments of the Globe’s rendition. As I soaked in this production in the round, I marveled at the actors’ fast-paced and impeccable use of the simple round mirrored stage designed with only a chandelier above and a sunken piano within. The powerful singing, dynamic dancing and stunning period costumes made me want to jump up and join in — the sign of a successful production.

While the show was highly entertaining, we were reminded throughout of corruption, our obsession with sensationalized celebrity criminal trials, and our insatiable draw to the “old razzle-dazzle” of performance, even in our everyday lives. Regardless of the dark themes that undercut the story, for those two hours on a Saturday afternoon in early October, I felt joyfully entertained. Hats off to our amazing Globe Theatre that never fails to deliver!

Photos courtesy Globe Theatre: Cast of Chicago. Directed and choreographed by Stephanie Graham. Set design by Brandon Kleiman. Costume Design by Laura Gardner. Lighting Design by Wendy Lundgren. Photo by Chris Graham Photo.

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Sherry Lee

Globe Theatre Puts on the Old Razzle Dazzle!


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