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Need a stunning look for your new home or renovation project? Then head straight to Regina’s CNG Stone Products. The company is the city’s best source for gorgeous granite and quartz perfect for any room. “We work hard to have the best selection of stone,” says owner Scott Tresek. “You have to see our slab warehouse in person. Words just aren’t enough.”

Whether you choose granite, quartz or quartzite, each will provide a stylish, timeless touch to kitchens, bathrooms and more. CNG Stone carries more than 100 different colours of granite and even more colours of quartz and quartzite. There’s literally a slab and colour for every style. “The selection is amazing,” says Scott. “Whatever you need, we have it in stock or can order it.” The CNG Stone team has the knowledge to make sure you get the stone that will work best, and are always happy to help you choose.

Pam Richards had CNG Stone install countertops in her newly constructed home at Pasqua Lake. The company installed quartz and quartzite throughout her kitchen and bathrooms. “It was a great experience. I was referred by my cabinet company, and CNG Stone provided excellent service,” says Pam. “I was a bit particular about what I wanted, and Ashley helped me find the perfect stone.” CNG Stone found a stone that worked with Pam’s backsplash tile, and it was perfect. “The installation process was also a breeze, even with the slope we have to work with at our home,” says Pam. “The installation team was great, and I would recommend CNG Stone to anyone looking for countertops.”

Angelica Forrestor and Kyle Strawford worked with CNG Stone for their kitchen and bathrooms at their new home in Emerald Park. At first, things weren’t so great. “We picked a product for our countertops and it just wasn’t right. It stained easily and wouldn’t hold up over time,” says Kyle. “We called CNG Stone right away, and they came out to have a look.” As it turned out the new product did not meet CNG Stone’s standards, and the company replaced it immediately. “CNG Stone replaced the counters, and now we’re thrilled with what we have. It’s perfect and we couldn’t be happier,” says Kyle.

Michelle Downton, another satisfied CNG Stone customer, sums it up well. “Granite is like the frosting on a cake. You can have the best cake, but it is always better with a bit of buttercream icing on it,” says Michelle. “That is how I feel when I design a space. It is never done until I get the team from CNG Stone to put the finishing touches on.” In Michelle’s home, the question was always, "What should we do to finish it?" and the answer was often granite. “That’s why we have touches of it throughout the whole home, from the kitchen, shower, custom makeup table, laundry, bar and even to top off a half wall,” she says. “We appreciate the expert care CNG Stone provided us in creating our dream house.”

Open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., CNG Stone Products can help you find the perfect stone for your project. Visit them at 1445 Scarth Street or online at

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Photos by Calvin Fehr Photography