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When you need glasses, you see an optometrist. If you’re having a baby, you see an obstetrician. And when you have issues with your hair, you see a trichologist — and Saskatchewan finally has one.

Trichologists specialize in hair loss, hair manageability and scalp issues, and concerns such as dandruff, itch, tender and often painful scalp problems. Losing your hair can be an embarrassing issue that most of us don’t even mention to our doctors. Our hairdressers are often the first to notice.

I discovered trichology a few years back after trying to find professionals, products and someone to talk to after my own hair fell out. It was a difficult and humiliating topic for me because I was a hairdresser and I needed more help than my products could offer.

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that focuses on the hair and scalp as a holistic approach to hair loss. Using nutrition, supplements and non-invasive tools to help stabilize your hair deficiencies, the science heals and nourishes your scalp, resulting in rejuvenated hair and ultimately regained confidence.

On average, we take about one hour to hear your concerns at Hope Hair Recovery. We assess your general health and personal lifestyle, genetic factors and your environment. From there, we give you a thorough assessment and provide individualized treatment plans which will stabilize the fallout, increase the hair density and manageability. We also offer a wide variety of hair systems including wigs, extensions and toppers (a hairpiece which is for a specific area of your head such as the bang area or top of your head where most of us tend to lose hair first). Finally, we provide education regarding both holistic and mainstream medical options, offering a comprehensive understanding of everything available to you. This is our top priority at Hope Hair Recovery.

Trichologists use non-invasive alternatives such as Low-Level Laser Light therapy, which stops the natural process of hair loss by stimulating blood flow and energizing the hair follicles, gradually reversing the signs of hair loss. Topical therapies that stimulate hair growth — combined with specialized Trichological Scalp Therapy treatments that detoxify, exfoliate and moisturize your scalp — create an optimal environment for hair to grow.

We offer products and therapies for cancer patients so their hair grows back as quickly and healthy as possible when they complete their cancer treatments. Along with lifestyle recommendations, Hope Hair Recovery also provides nutritional and supplemental advice for your overall wellness.

At Hope Hair Recovery, I work closely with your doctor or dermatologist to provide you with the best mainstream medicine and holistic treatment alternatives to ensure the best possible outcome.

Hope Hair Recovery is an Ambassador for the World Trichology Society and a National Hair Loss Affiliate, providing educational classes to the general public, cosmetologists, cosmetology students and medical professionals. Watch our website for the next upcoming class or contact Hope Hair Recovery to book your private session.

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Jennifer Cenaiko McCowan WTS

Owner at Hope Hair Recovery Inc.

WTS Professor

National Hair Loss Affiliate

Member of the American Hair Loss Council

2019 YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee


Published on December 22, 2019 under Featured, Wellbeing by

Jennifer McCowan

Hair Issues? Saskatchewan’s First Trichologist is Here!


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