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Stroll down Regina’s Shoppes on Hamilton Fashion District and discover the magic of Queen Fashion House. Our unique mix of workwear, special event dresses and accessories attracts women of all ages in search of the perfect piece. In our beautiful, modern space, you’ll find featured designers from Europe, Australia, and North America. Bask in brands like French Connection, Somedays Lovin, Bishop + Young, Guess and Molly Bracken.

Looking for the perfect location for Private Parties, Splurge Groups, Shopping Parties and Girls’Night Out Events? Or maybe it’s a complimentary private appointment before or after business hours to find that perfect dress, style an outfit and just get some special attention. We believe your shopping experience is “all about you” and we are happy to accommodate. Try on high fashion at Queen V and let your “inner diva” shine!



Queen V Fashion House

1846 Hamilton St.