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One of the most important contributing factors to the success of your business is the work environment and team culture. Picture a business that you love going into. You walk in, people are friendly, and you can tell that the employees have a true passion for what they do. As a customer or client, this makes your experience much more enjoyable, and often results in genuine interactions and meaningful relationships.

When employees are excited to come to work and enjoy the space that they work in, it has a clear impact on the atmosphere, the team dynamics, and of course, the business itself. If the employees buy-in, the clients will too!

At Metric, we love spending time together as a team and focusing on appreciating the talents of every team member. This carries through our design process too because we’re always growing, learning and challenging ourselves to become better. But how do you get to that point? With a few simple tweaks and changes, your business culture can go from “low” to “whoa!”

With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to reflect on your business values, how you want your employees and clients to feel, and how you can make that happen. While you’re interacting with loved ones this holiday season, think about how it feels to be engaged in an environment where you’re comfortable and energized.

From there, it’s time to consider how you can weave elements of those feelings into your business, keeping in mind these tips on cultivating better buy-in and business culture.

  1. Spend time together as a team. When you spend time with your team, it does wonders for employee engagement. Having shared experiences outside of work creates community, and when a team is engaged with each other, it’s evident to the client.
  2. Have clearly defined values. What matters to you? What is your business vision? Values should be clearly identified and easily accessible to both staff and clients. Keep this information out in the open, so it’s a reminder of the common goal everyone is working towards.
  3. Choose wisely. When it comes time to hire, ensure that potential employees are a good fit for your team’s culture and that they’re going to be on board with your values. Some key things to consider when hiring are personality and personal presentation, which are two key elements in ensuring that the right people are put in front of your potential clients.
  4. Space is key. Space has a significant impact on happiness and physical and mental health. Does your workspace encourage people to move around? Are you maximizing natural light? Is the design inviting? These are all key components that impact how we feel in a space, which can either encourage or discourage positive interactions, productivity and wellbeing.

When a client walks into the space, your business’ values should be evident immediately through the atmosphere and aesthetic. This goes a long way because if employees are visibly happy in a welcoming and natural space, the client will pick up on that, which is a great selling feature for your business.

Providing a fantastic work environment and clearly defining your values are so important to making sure your employees are engaged. At Metric, we prioritize our team’s culture and engagement, and we love sharing that with others when they walk through our door! Take some time this holiday season to think about what makes your business tick, and get ready to step into 2020 with your best business culture yet.


Brandon Gay

Showroom Director

Metric Design Centre

A, 285 Venture Crescent



Published on December 28, 2019 under Homes


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