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Hair loss is a subject close to my heart. While I’ve been a stylist for more than 20 years, I found myself faced with a hard truth in my mid-30s — my hair was getting very thin. In fact, by the time I noticed, half of my hair was already gone, as happens in most cases with thinning hair. I’ve since made it my mission to turn my story into my greatest success and help others.

Sharing knowledge and educating those suffering from hair loss is the main goal of HOPE Hair Recovery. There are a few ways to identify hair loss — increased visibility of your scalp, your hair looking and feeling thinner, and some people may also notice more hair in the drain, on their brush and on their pillows.

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Hereditary hair loss only comes from the maternal father’s side of the family? False. Some women can be just as sensitive to the androgens (male hormones) on the scalp hair follicles as men. This trait can be carried on either side of the family tree.

Hormonal factors are huge contributors when looking at your thinning hairline. If you have a hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, if you’ve had children, are in pre or post menopause, and you notice your hair is thinning, you will want to combat this issue sooner than later. Staying under close direction of your doctor and hair loss consultant and using the latest products will contribute significantly to the stabilization of the hair fallout.

Autoimmune disorders, medications, surgery, chemo and radiation therapy are also major contributors to hair loss. The sudden loss of hair is oftentimes shocking and overwhelming for patients. I can offer individuals support as well as solutions.

Refined, Saskatoon, Hope Hair Recovery, Hair Loss, Hair Restoration, Hair Care, Tips, Hair Loss Causes

With major advancements in Low-Level Laser Therapy, HOPE Hair Recovery Inc. is able to offer you medical grade, in-home treatments that take only six minutes a day. In the time it takes you to make your coffee, you can have a treatment. Laser therapy works like the sun. Through photosynthesis, we know the sun helps plants to grow. Through Photobiomodulation (laser), we know we can stabilize hair fallout and encourage the regrowth of new hair.

I am the first Canadian Affiliate of National Hair Loss and am working towards full certification in Trichology through the World Trichology Society, which will contribute to helping my clients combat this highly sensitive issue. I am happy to meet with anyone experiencing hair loss of any kind. Consultations are complimentary.

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Healthy Hair & Scalp Routine

  • Wash daily with products meant to stimulate growth
  • Massage daily using circular motions, using just the pads of your fingers. No scratching!
  • Do a treatment weekly
  • Use talc-free dry shampoo
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, especially drying alcohols


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