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No matter where you are in life, financial planning can be intimidating. Maybe you’re 30 and you have your first baby on the way. Life insurance is on your mind, but how much is enough?

Maybe you’re 40 and a business owner. You are starting to acquire more employees and want to make sure you have the best benefits in place for them. Maybe you’re 50 and contemplating retirement, but between your own parents, your kids, and moving away from the normalcy of a 9-5 workday, things can feel overwhelming.

That’s where Nadége Koskamp and Amanda Roest come in. Amanda and Nadége are both Certified Financial Planner professionals who have been in the industry for about eight years. Now, they use their expertise to help professional women, families, and business owners realize their financial potential.

“Often, financial planning can seem intimidating and almost lonely,” says Nadége. “We want to change that. I’ve seen the effects of not planning ahead, My family went through it when my father became ill, and it’s my goal to keep any other family from going through the same thing.”

“We sit down with a lot of people who are about to retire, and they are nervous that their money will last for them,” adds Amanda.  “The market is volatile, so it’s hard to be a retiree right now. We look at the entire picture of retirement, and look at options like taking your money out of your fixed-income pool.”

Amanda and Nadége like to think of themselves as an alternative to other traditional financial planners. Both are entrepreneurs and mothers who are very involved in the community — and all of those other roles mean they bring many useful skills to the financial planning table.

“We understand that finances and emotions are so closely tied together. We get that it can be uncomfortable,” says Amanda. “We want all of our clients to feel safe and secure in their financial future and we can provide them with the tools to achieve just that,” Nadége concludes.

Sure, financial planning can feel like the last thing you want to step into, but it is important. Amanda and Nadége aim to take the dreariness away and try to personalize each visit with the goal of turning a mundane task into something relatable and interesting. And it really can be exciting, especially when you reach a big financial milestone!


Nadége Koskamp & Amanda Roest, Certified Financial Planner professionals

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

I used to feel overwhelmed by my lack of financial prowess. Enter Nadege and Amanda. They have helped many of my successful friends, and they shared their knowledge with me without judgment. And they made it fun! They are smart and responsive and have all the traits that I value in a financial professional. Plus, they understand my day-to-day life because they, too, are mothers and business owners. This makes all the difference. They “get me.”  — Lindsey Longstaff



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