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Many people realize that the weather is different. There are colder days and there are hotter days and more abrupt temperature swings. Is your home designed to handle these changes? If you’ve chosen Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire and spray foam insulation, you are ready.

We have seen over the past four to five years that older homes (and some new ones) are failing to deal with these problems — attics looking like ice caves, then melting and leaking in the house; cold spots or mold where you didn’t notice before.

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Many people are installing high-efficient furnaces, windows and doors. What about high efficient attics and walls? They are the largest surface area of your home. If you have the opportunity to upgrade the insulation in these areas, you owe it to yourself.

Older homes weren’t designed to deal with these weather issues, and when you begin to add a new furnace, windows and doors, you may see other parts of your home failing to keep up with the increased demands. A poor or non-existent vapour barrier and poor attic ventilation can lead to moisture and frost buildup in areas where it wasn’t a concern before.

Refined, Regina, Homes, Attic, Insulation, Home Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most effective way to insulate your home. It offers the highest R-value (which doesn’t change because of air temperature, humidity or wind). It seals everything, keeping air from coming into the house or conditioned air from leaving the house. The most unique feature of spray foam is that the vapour barrier is always on the correct side. It’s on the inside (warm side) in the winter and on the outside (warm side) in the summer.

Refined, Regina, Homes, Attic, Insulation, Home Insulation

Architects and designers are seeing the benefits of spray foam insulation in an increasing number of projects. We have been part of large and small commercial and government projects which incorporate spray foam insulation — whether in specific difficult areas or the entire building —and we have several more slated for this year. Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire has been part of many high profile projects, including the new Mosaic Stadium and the RCMP detachment at White City. We have also spray foamed several home builders’ personal homes.

Refined, Regina, Homes, Attic, Insulation, Home Insulation

If you are renovating or building new and you want to protect yourself from the changing weather, reduce your greenhouse footprint and save money for as long as you are in your home, then spray foam insulation is your answer. Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire should be on your list to call. With more than 14 years’ experience applying spray foam and consulting with architects, designer and builders, Kirk can provide the solutions and expertise you need.

Along with their team of partner businesses, Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire will develop a solution to create the most efficient and effective way to bring your home into the 21st century.


Kirk Labossiere

Ultimate Insulation Foam & Fire