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She’s feisty and unequivocally unapologetic about it. But what would you expect from a modern day “wild woman” who has embraced the role of transformational alchemist to leagues of emerging and evolving female leaders.

Jami Young is the catalyst to change that women want and a fierce example of purpose-fueled leadership the world needs. Providing an energetic permission slip for women to claim their power, speak their truth, and broadcast their unique strengths and gifts, Young is contributing to an undeniable shift in the way we lead, love, work and serve.

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Whether speaking to hundreds from a stage in Bali, leading intimate workshops across the U.S., or working one-on-one with private clients around the world from her home-based office in the heart of the Prairies, Young’s recipe to foster greater fulfillment and meaning in the lives of women remains the same. She creates a container of sacred space and encourages raw inquiry, all the while passionately calling people to step into the highest and brightest versions of themselves.

“So many of the professional women I work with are unsatisfied because they feel stuck in lives they were told they were supposed to want. Either via their parents, the media or society at large,” explains Young. “It’s an honour to support their journeys back to authenticity and watch them become who they are truly meant to be.”

Refined, Saskatoon, Jami Young, Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Business Owners

Perhaps the most impactful piece of Young’s work has been the establishment of a dynamic community of sisterhood. “It’s been the most beautiful and unexpected surprise to see the deep and meaningful relationships that have developed between the participants of the programs. To witness all these women supporting, encouraging and celebrating each other in such powerful ways has been incredibly moving — mind-blowing really,” beams Young.

Feeling emboldened and inspired by this swell of support, many of Young’s students and clients have gone on to start new businesses, launch innovative projects, and take on leadership roles in a wide variety of organizations. This is the ultimate measure of success for Young. “It’s all been wildly exciting and richly rewarding to be a part of. One of my goals has been to change the way women relate to other women; to dismantle our current culture of patriarchal thinking that promotes competition over community. The idea that we are in opposition to each other, that women can’t trust other women — that’s entirely destructive thinking and totally untrue,” declares a fired-up Young, revealing a whole lot of that wild woman strength.

Refined, Saskatoon, Jami Young, Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Business Owners

Working with people in such profoundly personal ways requires Young to remain fully committed to her own wellness and vitality. She attributes her ability to create trusted spaces of sharing, healing and growth to relentless self-care, ongoing personal and professional development, and a robust network of support. “I learned very early on that relying on mentors, coaches and other helping professionals was critical to effectively doing this kind of work. I also lean heavily on my husband, Troy, who is likely the most loving and patient man on the planet,” adds Young. Perhaps her greatest teachers, testers and inspiration are Young’s two children, Ty and Jorja. “They are each formidable forces of nature in their own way. It’s a privilege to be their mama.”

At the core of all of Young’s work is the fundamental belief that when women are seen, supported and celebrated, they are capable of extraordinary things. Outside of her two children, her greatest source of joy is cheerleading the accomplishments and achievements of the people in her life. However, Young admits (like many women) she doesn’t always revel in her own wins to the extent that she could — and should.

“I am so deeply humbled by the recognition I have received over the years. It’s an honour to be acknowledged in such thoughtful and generous ways,” says Young. Riding the wave of her BPW Canada Leadership Award received in Ottawa last summer, Young was recently prompted to host a festive celebration in honour of the many friends, family, clients and colleagues who have supported her along the way. She is also a two-time YWCA Women of Distinction nominee, recipient of the Athena Young Professional Award and was named one of CBC’s Future 40. With a long list of volunteer and philanthropic endeavours, Young was recognized with an AFP Honoured Supporter Award in 2017.

Curious about Jami and want to join the sisterhood?  Visit www.jamiyoung.com to learn more! In addition to offering upcoming sessions of her celebrated signature course, Rise by Design, Jami is currently accepting a limited number of one-on-one clients.  For tickets to the upcoming WOMENOSITY event April 13 and 14 at The Well in Saskatoon, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womenosity-tickets-59284516585. Stay tuned — Refined has the inside scoop on all the other events and transformational experiences this “wild woman” has planned for 2019!

Refined, Saskatoon, Jami Young, Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Business Owners

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“Jami strives to connect with women in an intimate, heart-centred way that enables us all to reach our fullest potential.” —Julie Valette, Registered Nurse

“It is not conjecture to say that Jami has and will continue to single-handedly change the face of leadership in this great city. She is the source of many ripples undulating throughout our community.” —Kelly Bode, Lawyer

“My work with Jami Young has brought more value to my personal and professional life than any other single piece of formal or informal education I have invested in to date.” —Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist


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