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White City’s story began in 1959 as a tiny village of people who dreamt of something better than city life. Today we’re the fastest growing community in Canada, staying true to that dream while we come up with bigger ones.

Many people are drawn here for our large lots and country living — that’s something you just can’t get in the city, and we’re proud of that! We also want to be sure that singles, younger families, empty nesters looking to downsize, and seniors have a place to call home here. With a recent study projecting a population boom of more than 22,000 in the next 25 years, preserving the prairie peace we treasure while welcoming new faces, businesses and amenities is something we want to get right!

Introducing the Town Centre

At the heart of White City’s future will be our new Town Centre — a place designed to give our growing community the variety of housing, services and enjoyments we need while celebrating the neighbourly charm of a small town. Just because our town wasn’t built around a central gathering place doesn’t mean we can’t create one! Picture wide sidewalks dotted with outdoor patios. Quaint shops, offices, restaurants, pubs and cafés. Places to take in arts and cultural performances. Sprawling parks, trails and a lake.

After years of planning, and with water and sewer lines almost in, new developers are taking shovel to dirt in the next few months to make the dream of Town Centre come true. Caverhill Developments is building Picasso Pathways. La Vita Land Inc., in partnership with All-Rite Group of Companies, is creating Royal Park. Both neighbourhoods are designed to bring exciting new options for current and future residents while harmonizing with the places and spaces we’ve long enjoyed.

Photo credit Calvin Fehr

Picasso Pathways — A Masterpiece Begins!

What do Leonard Cohen, k.d. lang, Bryan Adams, Robert Bateman, Donald Sutherland and other great Canadian artists have in common? They’re all coming to White City! Every street and roadway in the Town Centre’s Picasso Pathways neighbourhood will be named in honour of Canadian arts legends. Whether you’re looking to downsize or you’re the one who’s moving out of your parents’ place and you really want to stay in White City (close but not too close, right?), Picasso Pathways will offer you some gorgeous single-family and townhome options. And for seniors who don’t want to have to leave our amazing community (or those who’d prefer our relaxed lifestyle to the hustle and bustle of the city), Picasso Pathways will also feature residential-style homes with studio suites offering assisted care living just steps away from beautiful green space and all the charm and convenience of Town Centre’s many shops and stops.

Of course, one of the joys of White City is all the room to roam, and Caverhill Children’s Play Park and the RobynDale Children’s Sport Park will be the perfect excuse for kids of all ages to forget all about their video games and phones!

Photo credit Calvin Fehr

Royal Park — A Little Bit of London in White City!

Did you know White City is said to be named after a district in London, England where one of our town’s first resident’s favourite aunt lived? The vision behind the Town Centre’s Royal Park community is to bridge the new development to these historic roots, drawing names and inspiration from London’s famous boroughs. Camden Borough, the lively heart of Town Centre, will be the first to spring up, joined soon after by Bankside, Bedford, Uxbridge, Sutton, Kenton and Addington, each like your favourite spot of tea with its own distinct flavour! These surrounding boroughs will be residential in nature, focused on the beauty of parks and encouraging a strong sense of pride in ownership.

Historically inspired and freshly designed, Royal Park will also be home to a new high school, a multi-purpose recreation centre, White City’s third elementary school and an overabundance of pathways and play spaces!

A New Year-Round Multi-Use Rec Centre

No matter how small our town’s beginnings, our dreams have been anything but! One of the most exciting possibilities for our Town Centre and all who call our community home, now and in the future, is a new gathering place for year-round fitness, fun and friendship. Imagine two state-of-the-art ice rinks, a full-sized field house, multiple gymnasiums, meeting areas, a new home for a regional library and our own swimming pool — all connected to a much-desired high school. Outside, on the surrounding land, picture a football field, ball diamonds, even tennis and pickleball courts. Plans have been underway for quite some time and our thriving town is determined to make this next big dream a reality!

A small-town atmosphere with everything you need and love is right here. Soon there may never be any reason to leave White City! If you don’t happen to live here yet, now’s the perfect time to be part something — and someplace — very special. Dream away! Explore our website or stop by our Town Office at 14 Ramm Avenue East. We’d love to meet you and show you around!