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Trained as a paramedic, Regina-based entrepreneur Shawn Hazen is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the health tech company Lumeca. Lumeca provides 24-7 on-demand access to Canadian licensed physicians and nurses through text and video chat. The service is available for individuals and businesses.

Telemedicine is increasingly safe and effective. Lumeca’s physicians can accurately diagnose many common illnesses and injuries without a hands-on examination. Shawn describes Lumeca’s service as “complementary and not competing with existing provincial healthcare systems.”

Shawn knows what it means to be an entrepreneur in Saskatchewan. He is also the founder and CEO of Haztech, a leading Canadian occupational and industrial health and safety organization. “Lumeca unfolded as its own company with its own purpose, although we’re able to incorporate our learnings from building Haztech,” explains Shawn.

Tyson Liske is Lumeca’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Tyson was previously a 911 dispatcher and he credits the Audacity YQR initiative as “changing the story for Regina entrepreneurs.” Audacity YQR promotes and supports the messaging that Regina is a thriving city suitable for new, established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Two places that Shawn and Tyson really appreciate are the Conexus Business Incubator and Path Cowork (a collaborative co-working space in downtown Regina). As Lumeca continues to grow, the company has employees working out of both of these locations.

Says Tyson, “It’s great to live and work in Regina as an entrepreneur. There is so much community support — whether that’s brick and mortar spaces or support systems for networking. I can’t think of a better place to be.”

Shawn Hazen, Lumeca Founder & CEO


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Lumeca Provides Virtual Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere