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TOP PHOTO (L-R): Karen Bardi, Candace Fox, Jami Young, Chelsea Hoffman Stebner, Katrina German, Lana Wickstrom

On November 27, women from all walks of life gathered together for an evening of community, connection and celebration at the third annual Luminosity. It was a crisp, snowy night, but inside the doors of the cozy and quaint Village Guitar Amp & Co., the room was buzzing with excitement.

Luminosity is spearheaded by Jami Young, a Saskatoon-based female empowerment and leadership coach, and the creator of Rise by Design: Leadership Program for Women. Young’s vision of inspiring women to be brave and bold in their personal and professional lives was evident throughout the evening, as fearless women of all backgrounds took the stage.

Photo credit: Tammy Zdunich

To kick off the night, Young and emcee Lana Wickstrom pumped up the crowd with an impromptu dance party that had everyone on their feet. Wickstrom, who was wildly entertaining and brought lively energy to the stage, explained the purpose of Luminosity and challenged everyone to put away their cellphones and be present.

“This is a really important night because we’re celebrating some Rise by Designers, who are the most recent graduating class,” Wickstrom said. “Please honour the sisters you’re here with tonight. Be present and connect — this is your community. Be intentional about the time you’re going to spend here.”

Rise by Design is one of Young’s courses, centred on finding confidence and purpose through female leadership development. There have been 80 graduates of the program to date, including Wickstrom, a separation specialist who believes the program is the most valuable education she’s ever received. “Through Jami, I was able to connect with parts of myself that I had not been in touch with for a very long time,” she said.

Recent graduates of Rise by Design (L-R): Christine Meachem, Adrienne Michelle Percy, Robbyn Kolla, (Jami Young, program founder), Cori Molloy, Lesley Porter and Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik 

Wickstrom invited a panel of prolific community leaders to the stage, including Katrina German, Candace Fox, Karen Bardi and Chelsea Stebner. Wickstrom introduced each of them by their credentials, and then cleverly re-introduced them with “what you really need to know,” illustrating that we often define ourselves by what we do, instead of the honest truth of who we are.

Young maintains that our planet is aching for more mothers, lovers and leaders who are unapologetically walking in the blazing brilliance of their light. Relaying that concept to the audience, Wickstrom noted: “Before you are four women who embody five fundamental practices that Jami speaks about: radical responsibility, chosen sisterhood, acts of reverence, fierce truth-telling and honouring your dark moments.”

Panel (L-R): Karen Bardi, Candace Fox, Chelsea Hoffman Stebner, Katrina German, and MC Lana Wickstrom 

Each panelist was asked a question on one of the fundamental practices and boldly shared pieces of their lives, experiences and struggles, demonstrating a willingness to be vulnerable and courageous with their stories.

“I was an island; I was insecure, but I remember the day I made a decision where I didn’t want to be alone anymore,” Bardi said, speaking on the importance of chosen sisterhood. “I made a decision where I needed friends, and I needed sister friends, in particular. From that moment on, and that was probably a couple decades ago, I started my journey of intentionally seeking out women I admire and becoming friends with them.”


The magic of the evening continued as Young took the stage and thanked the panelists for daring to be vulnerable as leaders. “We need to be brave enough to share our story, and kind enough to not share others’,” she said.

Young captivated the audience with her honesty as she shared some of the most difficult moments of her life, honouring her dark times. “One of my favourite quotes is: Beautiful people don’t just happen,” she added. “So those women who you love, admire and respect the most have been abused, addicted, overwhelmed, betrayed, traumatized, unseen, unheard or unloved at one time or another.”

As Young spoke, she offered both encouragement and a challenge to every woman there. “You are the author of your own story. You are 110 per cent responsible for your time on this planet. And as a privileged Canadian woman — which includes every single one of us in this room —you have choices and options available to you that many other women across this earth could never even dream of. Please don’t take that for granted.”

Listening to Young left guests feeling enlightened, and Crystal Reich, the associate publisher of Refined Saskatoon, admitted Luminosity is one of her favourite events in Saskatoon. “There is an unexplained sense of pride and sisterhood I feel just being a woman sharing that space,” Reich stated. “My biggest takeaway from the evening is that no one's life is perfect — no one. In fact, what creates the most interesting, successful and brilliant people is imperfection. Always remember, when you see the polished image of female leaders building our community, each and every one of them had a journey to get to where they are today. There was probably struggle, doubt, fear, loss and isolation along the way. While each story is a different and personal, the feelings are relatable.” Like many others, Reich felt grateful to Young for uniting the divine feminine and giving everyone hope by sharing her true self.

The evening was sprinkled with all sorts of wonderful wisdom and goodies, including each guest receiving Truth Bomb cards, a draw for prizes and a surprise musical performance. Local musicians, Scott Patrick and Heidi Munro, took the stage in a moving performance of two songs from A Star is Born, which capped off the charming evening.

Photos by Tamara Dayle Photography



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Luminosity 2018: Community, Connection, Celebration