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Bed in a box, mattress in a box, mattress to go — the portable mattress concept has really hit its stride recently. You’ve probably seen ads for a bed in a box on television or online. This type of foam mattress comes compressed into a neat package and can be conveniently transported home right after purchase.

At Wiseguys Mattresses we have two bed in a box lines (and three models) on the floor for customers to try out: Dreamstar Bedding and Serta’s Perfect Sleeper® Express. Dreamstar is manufactured outside of Toronto and Serta is manufactured in Winnipeg. As a result, you can be confident in these Canadian-made products.

Who is a bed in a box best suited for? I think it is a great option for university students or young people settling into their first apartment. The memory foam mattress fits into a surprisingly small box so it’s easy to maneuver and throw into the trunk of your vehicle. And, with entry-level pricing, a bed in a box is also a good option for a guest room, a summer cottage or cabin.

Once you get home and the wrapping is removed, the bed in a box mattress regains the volume that was lost when it was compressed for shipment. It can take a few minutes to a few hours for the mattress to regain its full volume.

Beds in a box represent just a small part of the mattress world today, but I think we can anticipate continued growth in this category (especially among 20somethings on the move).

Always remember — never purchase a mattress without trying it first! At the end of the day, your mattress choice boils done to comfort and where you’ll have the best night’s sleep. As with any mattress, a bed in a box should be replaced every eight to 10 years.

At Wiseguys Mattresses, we carry an impressive display of mattresses in-store, as well as pillows and bedroom furniture. Come meet our sleep experts and experience your ideal mattress today.


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