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Mark Stevens is the owner of Wiseguys Mattress, the No. 1 rated Saskatoon mattress retailer on Google. He opened shop in 2007, providing pricing and product that chain stores can’t match. His independent store offers a selection of handpicked mattresses, providing the best value for the dollar. Mark is a proud Saskatoon resident, having raised two now-grown children here. He has enjoyed watching the city grow and can’t picture living anywhere else.

What do you love most about your job? I love helping people have a better quality of life because not getting a good night’s sleep affects your health.

What is one thing you are really passionate about? I’m really passionate about vegetable gardening. I love growing my own food and knowing where it comes from.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people wouldn't know? Many people don’t know that I’m passionate about history. I watch every history, archeology and treasure hunting show on TV.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self? I would say to start my business 20 years earlier. I would be retired by now!

What Netflix show are you obsessed with? I really enjoy Stranger Things. The retro feel and science fiction combination is really great.

What would your best Friday night be? My best Friday night would be at the lake, watching a Riders game — where we win of course! And then having a nice fire.

Name one characteristic every business leader possesses. Every business leader has drive. If you don’t have drive, you will quit pretty fast when things get tough.

What habits do you have that are important to your success? I’d say drive, passion and commitment. If you don’t have these three things, you probably won’t succeed.

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