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Where did you grow up/what schools did you attend? I grew up and went to school in Rouleau Sask. I attended The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon and also took esthetics training at Steiner Beauty College in England before working with them on Carnival Cruise Lines. I’ve attended many leadership and business courses along the way.

What led you into this business/career? I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and worked in my parents’ auction company. It was natural to go into business for myself.

What do you love most about your business? I love being able to offer a solution in a sometimes stressful process. It’s rewarding to know you helped in the end result.

What is your most important characteristic? I’ve been told that I'm relentless and never give up on a problem until there is a solution for everyone involved. I'm also a dreamer, always planning for the future.

How do you support the community/social causes? As chairperson for the Rouleau Spray Park Committee, I helped raise over $300,000 to build a new park and family-based area in my community. I am also on the executive committee of the Hockey and Hearts Celebrity Golf Committee, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for rural infrastructures, families in need and local charities. My business donates product and time to Habitat for Humanity and will be involved in the 100 Women That Build project.

What do you value in your friends? Honesty, laughter and heart.

Who is the living person that you admire most? My 93-year-old Grandma — she is the most honest and good-hearted person I know. She raised four great children and played an integral part in the upbringing of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She loves to laugh and is always up for a good conversation and joke.

What one piece of advice would you give your younger self?  It’s okay to make mistakes. Just learn from them. Pick yourself up, laugh or cry and keep going.

Let’s talk favourites:

Vacation - Anywhere in the Caribbean… ocean, sand and reggae music.

Book - Too many to choose from. I love to read and wish I had more time to do that.

Movie - Lonesome Dove and Uncle Buck are two that come to mind

Song - Anything by Pink

Food - Baingan Bharta or any other Indian recipe

Dessert - I don’t really eat dessert. I’d rather eat more or have extra wine with my meal.

Vehicle - We have four kids, so right now we drive a Ford Expedition Max, which is like a small bus, but my dream vehicle would be a Range Rover.

Way to relax - sitting at my cabin, reading a book and drinking a glass of red wine.

What is your motto? Work hard and strive to do your best. As long as you tried your hardest, the outcome doesn’t matter. My kids hear this often.

What talent would you like to have? The ability to sing.

What would your friends say are your best/worst traits? Probably that I work hard at everything — good and bad.

What brings you joy? Spending time with my husband and kids

How did you know you were on the right path? I'm still looking for what I will do in my next chapter!

Do you ever consider closing your doors? What business advice would you give to others? You have to be open to change and try new strategies to better yourself and company.