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At Refined, we recognize the importance of local businesses in our community. They are the engine that makes our economy run — employing people, taking risks, meeting market needs, and supporting important causes. So often, we only see the business — the storefront, the products, the services — and never really get to know the business owner behind the scenes making everything happen. Refined is proud to profile business owner, Tamara Bowman, and help you get to know her better with some personal and fun questions.

Where did you grow up/which schools did you attend? I grew up on an acreage in Riverside, just outside of Saskatoon. I moved with my now husband Cary to Victoria when I was 19, where I attended design school and some business college.

What led you into this business/career? Growing up with my parents being in commercial construction, I was exposed to that world. I knew that I liked interior design and architecture, but mostly enjoyed being creative. An aptitude test in high school confirmed my interests were correct. Interior design was the shorter program, so I started there!

What do you love most about your business? The people, excitement, variety and most of all, the transformation of spaces and what that can do for people’s wellbeing.

What is your most important characteristic? Passion — for life and whatever you do with it!

How do you support the community/social causes? I am a huge advocate for supporting the people around me — doing for others what I would want if I was in that situation. Social and group events are my favourite. I do my best to be there to show support for anything happening in our industry, and love being involved in the decorating and overall design for community gala fundraisers.

What do you value in your friends? I love to surround myself with many people, but most value the strong, deeper connections with my personal relationships.

What living person do you admire most? My husband — such a good head on those shoulders!

What one piece of advice would you give your younger self? Confidence is key, and next time, finish business school.

Let’s talk favourites:

  • Vacation – Europe! I have been a few times. Tuscany is my top.
  • Book – Not really my thing, but the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris influenced me most and encouraged me to open Metric.
  • Movie – Any “rom-com” and I’m strangely drawn to JLO movies.
  • Song – I LOVE all music, anything with a heavy beat that I can blast while I drive or run.
  • Food –Though I never eat it due the carbs, my all-time fav is spaghetti and meat sauce.
  • Dessert – Lava cake
  • Vehicle – The fancy stuff. Probably a 911 would be my “go to” if I had the option.
  • Way to relax – Wine. I have a serious passion for this stuff.
  • Friday night – Anything! I’m up for a soccer game, a big party, or killer dinner with cocktails and vino with family or friends.

What is your motto? You only live once. Be you and go hard; you never know when it will end.

What talent would you like to have? I wish I could sing and play the guitar or be a wicked hip hop dancer.

What would your friends say are your best/worst traits? Warm heart. I need to let go of things.

When did you make a difference? After my mom passed away, I wrote/created a scrapbook storybook about her and her life. This was not only therapeutic for me, but I wrote it for her grandkids who wouldn’t get to meet her. We read it together as a family to celebrate her life.

What brings you joy? Seeing people grow: my husband following his passion; my kids developing into such incredible little people; my staff growing and pushing themselves to do amazing work — and me feeling like I'm supporting them in that process.

How did you know you were on the right path? Life is day by day. No big goal. I’m working towards just trying to live every moment or every day to its highest potential.

Do you ever consider closing your doors? What business advice would you give to others? I always follow my heart. If my heart is in it, I am too. Plus, I’m not a quitter. Of course, the thought crosses my mind because things are really tough sometimes, but I just always remember that what is meant to be, will be, so I will just keep trying until there isn’t anything left to try for. Then, just start again at something else.