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With a background in nursing, Vivienne has worked for more than three decades in hands-on senior care at LutherCare, including patients with various forms of dementia and their families. Originally from England, she calls Saskatoon home and has been living here for more than 30 years. Vivienne is a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother of four, and enjoys cooking and entertaining with friends.

What do you love most about your job? There are many areas of my job that I really enjoy, but the one area I love the most is the opportunity to interact with residents and families. I do not get the opportunity to do this as often as I would like, but when I do, this is my way of staying grounded and connected to the people we serve.

What is one thing you are really passionate about? Food! I really enjoy good food and I like to cook and bake. My family might even say I am a little bit obsessive… especially when it comes to baking and ensuring perfect results each time.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people wouldn't know? I grew up in a working-class family in England. Throughout my life, I have been gifted with amazing opportunities and took advantage of them. Opportunities and incredible mentors have helped me become who I am today.

What Netflix show are you obsessed with? I am not much of a TV fan, however, I did watch The Crown, and I am looking forward to the third season

What song makes you dance like nobody's watching? The song that makes me dance is “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin because it reminds me of my university days — and nights!

What would your best Friday night be? On most Fridays, my husband and I meet at the Yard and Flagon pub on Broadway Avenue for a drink. Then we usually decide where to go for dinner. We both have busy jobs, so it’s a nice way to unwind and start the weekend.

Name one characteristic every business leader possesses. One characteristic of business people is to know oneself!

What habits do you have that are important to your success? The habits that are important to my success are a good night sleep, having great listening skills, being calm, and being a visionary by being able to see the path ahead clearly.

What do your daily rituals and habits include? My weekly mornings start with a delicious large latte and The StarPhoenix. At the end of most weekdays, if I am not attending meetings, I like to go home and make dinner for my husband. I find this very relaxing and it helps me to unwind after a busy day. Every evening, I read The Globe and Mail.


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