Moose Jaw: Canada’s Most Notorious City!

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We’re not sure if it started with a couple of brave men searching for the best place to continue the railroad tracks or the underground tunnels built by the Chinese to escape persecution. Maybe, it was when the tunnels started being used by gangsters to move booze. Shady stories of mysterious figures and red light businesses. There’s a past that grew from the terror of a tragic airplane crash, leading to incredible generosity and community.

Fascinating characters such as Wellington White, Police Chief Walter Johnson, the Thatcher family and many more have provided some colourful stories, to be sure. It could be the notoriously friendly people in our community, so well-known for our hospitality in this tourist-focused city. There is an unending number of reasons why Moose Jaw will be now known as Canada’s Most Notorious City!

Then there are the legendary air shows — led by the iconic 431 Squadron, better known as the Snowbirds — and a downtown known far and wide for its restored and well-loved heritage buildings and cool charm. Moose Jaw is home to one of Saskatchewan’s largest and most beloved outdoor festivals (Sidewalk Days Festival) and one of Canada’s most respected literary festivals (Saskatchewan Festival of Words). And of course, we are home to our notoriously “fa-moose” Mac the Moose. You might say we’ve been working on this brand for more than 130 years!

As part of this major rebranding, we will be celebrating our Most Notorious moniker this fall with the First Annual Prohibition Days, an event focused on our local pubs and lounges. This year, we will hold the first-ever (SOLD OUT!) Trolley Pub Crawl on September 20 and 21. This will eventually grow into a festival featuring local spirits and food, highlighting the notoriously entertaining nightlife our city has to offer.

We are known for being notoriously generous. We have a long history of being notoriously hard-working and industrious. Moose Jaw is notoriously friendly. Notoriously historic. Notoriously relaxing, walkable, charming and entertaining. We are notoriously Moose Jaw.

We want to show you what we are made of. How we grew into this unique place. And all the stories we have to tell about our notorious past. Plan your trip to Moose Jaw and make some memories — both the Instagram-worthy ones and the old fashioned kind you store in your heart. We can’t wait for you to discover why we are Canada’s Most Notorious City.



Writing & photos courtesy of Tourism Moose Jaw