Notoriously “Christmas in October” in Moose Jaw

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It is beginning to look a lot like — October. In Moose Jaw, that means Christmas. The newly branded “Canada’s Most Notorious City” is notable for many things, and one is the well-known annual event — Christmas in October. The legendary friendly city has been hosting crowds of people year after year as the city decks the halls early before the snow settles on the ground and the hustle and bustle of the season takes over.

For decades, Moose Jaw has gotten a jumpstart on the festivities with a weekend that has become synonymous with the holiday itself. Every year, thousands of visitors join local residents for a weekend of early holiday activity, which for many has become a yearly tradition.

Each year, the event grows as word spreads about this holiday tradition. Moose Jaw offers an exceptional experience that leaves visitors impressed, and perhaps even nostalgic for simple and convenient holiday enjoyment, all while offering unparalleled quality and uniqueness.

This year promises to not disappoint. The “moose-sized” interest in Moose Jaw has guests from all over the world discovering what this notorious city has to offer. The infamous stories of the past and the modern-day intrigue draws you into what the city is celebrated for — in notoriously grand style.

The historic downtown emanates with vibrant shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, theaters, spas, specialty stores with no shortage of things to see and do — and Christmas in October weekend pulls out all the stops. Main Street gets an early holiday revival with lights going up and vendors adorning their locations with the latest holiday trends. Perhaps the success of Christmas in October exists in the whimsical spirit that comes alive with the magic of the holidays.

Moose Jaw has become a destination for Christmas, and downtown Main Street and its fascinating side streets beckon your attention. Being able to walk from the door of your hotel and step into business after business celebrating the spirit of the season, it is no wonder this event continues to be popular. The concentrated core of downtown Moose Jaw will leave you starry-eyed — all against the alluring backdrop of historical elegance.

Shop this year’s latest trends at the many exclusive boutiques; savour the tastes that beckon holiday memories; spoil your senses with a spa refresher; be entertained by a captivating show, or find that perfectly unique gift that is sure to delight. Christmas in October in Moose Jaw has become more than just a weekend packed with sights to see and things to do. The event is a celebration of local businesses that come together to showcase what really sets this city apart — all wrapped up with a little holiday sparkle.

Moose Jaw will draw you into its charm, its history and its welcoming embrace. Christmas in October beckons you into the holiday spirit, alive with festivities and unequivocal seasonal magic. The event kicks off on October 24 and continues all season long. Why not come and find out for yourself?