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Hello Refined readers, my name is Jerry, owner of the Lubrication Station, Saskatoon’s only 100 per cent locally owned and family-operated quick oil change. Why do I mention this? Well, because I wasn’t always as local as I am now. I was part of a franchise, paying fees and being told what I could and could not sell, how much to sell, and being penalized when I did something that corporate did not approve of.

Quotas and pressure selling were the main reason I left the franchise. I despise pressure sales. It is ingrained in my staff to recommend only what is needed for our customers. My goal is to be a place where people — especially women — don’t feel taken advantage of.

I also coined the term Lubrication Education to help our customers understand what we are telling them. This industry is noted for its underhanded, anything-for-a-buck mentality. That’s not us and it never will be. My staff members are highly passionate and knowledgeable, and if they don’t know something, they will study up on it. And they like doing that, honest!

Lubrication Education 101:

This is my favourite time of the year. Opening up the windows of your home, changing furnace filters, washing windows, chasing down all the winters “dust bunnies,” cleaning all the winter grime out of the garage (if applicable)… oh yeah, this column is supposed to be automotive-related!

Your car is no different. Not only do you need to clean and maintain the inside of your car by vacuuming, cleaning windows and interiors, but those areas of your car that are out of sight also need attention. If your car has a cabin or pollen filter, it must be checked or replaced as needed. Have it checked every three months (hey, that’s an oil change interval!). All the air that comes into your passenger compartment, whether through the heater or air conditioning, has to come through this filter. If you have children or family members with allergies or asthma, you will know how important it is to have fresh air inside your automobile.

One aspect of your cabin filter very few people understand is that a dirty or plugged filter will limit the amount of air coming through your defroster and dash vents. It will also contribute to your blower motor burning out much sooner than necessary. We like to be proactive, not reactive. Keeping your car running is our goal, not fixing it when it can’t run anymore.

The harsh realities of our winter will show up in the condition of your oil. The cold starts, short trips and excessive idling also need to be addressed with your spring cleaning. This is also true of the other fluids in your vehicle. The antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, differential fluid, transmission fluid, transaxle fluid and transfer case fluid should all be checked or changed depending on the level of contamination or age of the fluid.

The Lubrication Station is proud of our loyalty programs — six oil changes and the seventh is free (excluding taxes). Once a year, the completed cards are entered in a draw for a trip for two anywhere in North America. The draw is only between the completed cards of our two stores — not province-wide or nation-wide — which make the odds oh so sweet.

Watch for Lubrication Education 102 in the next issue of Refined!


Jerry Lupul, owner

Lubrication Station on 8th

1-3401 8th Street

Lubrication Station on Circle

614 Circle Drive East




Published on May 15, 2019 under Explore


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