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Historically speaking, females were typically given the role of taking care of the household chores. Making our way through centuries of change, it appears that women do still take care of the lion’s share of the housekeeping in the home, but men have been stepping up to the plate a whole lot more. Some homes will say they split these chores half and half. Others arrange for indoor and outdoor assignments. Regardless of what you choose to do as a family, make sure you do it as a family.

Personal and home time is at a premium. With so many families running to rinks, the soccer field, tennis lessons, dance or helping to care for other family members, there seems to be little time left to relax. When you do have downtime, not many people want to be trying to clean the house just to have time to relax, and then time runs out and it is Monday again. This valuable time can be spent with loved ones or doing things you enjoy.

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Selecting set times each day to do a form of organizing so a cleaning crew can come in to clean, or for you to be ready to complete the clean yourselves, is a great way to extend relax/family time at home. Young children can be a great help with this, as well. Buckets and totes for designated items can be a fun way for them to toss, or “score” their things in a contained space so you are easily able to tend the area.

This is a great way to segue into bath time and reading time. Choose 15 minutes each evening to complete simple tasks and you will free up a lot of your time. Taking a few minutes each day to do some sort of organizing or cleaning can really make a difference in the long run. This also helps to alleviate stress and form healthy habits for when your children grow up, or for a couple wanting to have a quiet glass of wine to complete their day in a nice tidy space.

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