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When considering a high-end, luxurious piece of furniture, the Palliser brand might not be top of mind for most. Synonymous with quality, durability and North American-made furniture, the company wants to change that. Palliser’s new Pinnacle Collection has recently launched and while still giving you “all the feels” when it comes to quality and comfort, they’re adding a few more adjectives to the roster.

Melding design and functionality successfully isn’t easy, but it was a challenge Palliser wanted to take on. Creating a sensory experience for customers that would appeal to their unyielding desire to not sacrifice comfort for style (and vice versa), Palliser’s design team considered every touchpoint when creating the Pinnacle line.

“Oftentimes, furniture doesn’t work as well as it looks. It either appeals in the way of design but then falls short on function or comfort,” explains Paul Martens, brand director for Pinnacle. “When we considered doing a luxury line, we knew we had to create, without question, something people wanted to have and display in their homes. It had to be comfortable, almost shockingly so. Last, when people touched the fabric, it needed to be a game-changer. We wanted to engage customers in full sensory experience and I think we’ve achieved that, right down to the smell of high-quality hides,” explains Paul Martens, Brand Director for Pinnacle.

Looking towards European designs as inspiration for the line, Palliser was extremely particular in sourcing fabrics, choosing high-end, soft to the touch natural fibres and luxurious leather hides. The line includes contemporary sectionals, modern single seating, uniquely designed inserts and add-ons, unconventional loungers and sofas, statement rugs, and subtle accent pieces. Perfect for the modern minimalist, keen design eye or eccentric creative who appreciates form, fabric and quality, there is certainly nothing pedestrian to see here.

Staying true to their values, the company was also adamant about keeping production in Canada and sourcing materials both ethically and as close to home as possible in North America. While taking great care in those areas understandably adds to the cost of the final product, Palliser has always considered it to be added value and important to their customers.

Since launching the Pinnacle Collection, exclusivity has been given to a choice number of stores to display and sell. With limited locations chosen, Tristan Rawlings and his staff of design experts have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful additions to the Palliser Rooms / EQ3 showroom in Saskatoon. Customers can experience for themselves these one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes or luxe office space while utilizing the expertise of the in-house design team to choose covers and styles perfect for their needs, lifestyle and design palette.

”I think customers will really appreciate the superior design, construction and warranty of the new line,” Rawlings adds about the new collection. “It is a lot more innovative in terms of reclining features and functionality. The quality of the materials and construction is the best I’ve seen of any other luxury collections.”

Celebrating the launch of the new Pinnacle collection with a grand re-opening, Palliser Rooms / EQ3 will be offering savings starting September 23 through to October 14 with 10 per cent off the purchase price. The design team is excited to introduce the new line to those unfamiliar with Pinnacle and get creative with those wanting to introduce pieces into their existing living space or create new options.

“Our goal at Palliser Rooms / EQ3 is to provide an exceptional shopping experience while offering great products with helpful advice from our knowledgeable team of sales consultants,” says Rawlings of his qualified team of experts. “Our team has extensive design experience and that’s really important for our customers. We also have an in-house service technician to ensure that our customers are supported long after the sale.”

While excitement is still buzzing over the Pinnacle Collection, you can expect the same great quality and options with the store’s other brands, including Stressless by Ekornes. The Scandinavian company has a distinct Norwegian design, and is environmentally-conscious, reusing and recycling materials in-house as well sourcing materials from companies with the same values and minimal economic footprint. Most importantly, the finished product is as comfortable as it is beautiful with decades of craftsmanship under their tool belt.

To learn more about Palliser Rooms / EQ3, their products and promotions or meet the expert design team that is ready to make your experience (and home) unique to you, visit them in-store or online.


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