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Collaborative coworking spaces around the world continue to build momentum and Path Cowork in downtown Regina is no exception. Since opening in June 2018, the beautiful 16,000 square foot space has been bustling with entrepreneurial activity (the coffee, tea and beer on tap provided to members helps keep energy and excitement levels high).

Born and raised in Regina, Justin Lee is the general manager of Path Cowork. “We provide our members with the option of a day pass, a monthly membership or private offices. These options include furniture, numerous boardrooms, a large communal working space, a communal kitchen, private phone booths and superfast Wi-Fi. Our members range from established organizations to small businesses to entrepreneurs,” says Justin.

Some of the organizations with offices at Path Cowork include Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR), Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK), the Regina Hotel Association, the Drummond Group, and Leo’s Hospitality Management Company.

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When entrepreneurs compare the benefits of a coworking space to working from home or in a small private office, one of the biggest advantages is not having to worry about tasks such as cleaning, building maintenance, restocking coffee or paying for utilities.

“Our philosophy is ‘Community at Work.’ Beyond the amenities, the major benefit of Path Cowork is really the members themselves. Collaborating and building connections is at the heart of our philosophy. We’ve created an inspiring and purposeful environment to fulfill our members’ social and professional needs.”

“We proudly have more than 30 different companies currently working out of our space and plenty of room for growth,” concludes Justin.

Path Cowork is professionally managed by Leo's Hospitality Management Group Inc.

Path Cowork

1965 Broad Street, 2nd floor



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Path Cowork Paves the Way for Member Success


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