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After spending years working in marketing and IT, former colleagues turned business partners, Devin Howell-Shiplack and Jason Hsu, noticed a disheartening trend — many large consulting firms were uninterested in working with small to mid-sized businesses, leaving them in the dust with digital marketing, web design and tech solutions.

Project Pi Provides Web Design, Digital Marketing & Technology

By combining their passion for all things digital and their unique blend of experience in technology, computer science, business solutions, marketing and sales, Howell-Shiplack and Hsu teamed up to create Project Pi Consulting, a digital agency that provides MBA-level consulting services in web design, digital marketing and technology to small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Project Pi takes a long-term approach to provide effective digital services that allow small businesses to flourish.

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“We meet with clients on a regular basis and we pride ourselves on listening to them, understanding their business needs, and not upselling them on products or services they don’t need,” Howell-Shiplack says. “Our best practice for any question that comes in is to respond in a timely manner. By having that quick turnaround time, people know they can trust us when they need help.”

Project Pi Combine Digital Marketing & IT Services

Effective marketing and a strong online presence are crucial for business prosperity in today’s world, so why not trust an expert? Project Pi’s customized service makes it easier to achieve the online results you need for your business to grow. It’s like you have your own marketing and IT department to call on, which is something Sylk Esthetics owner Melissa Dawn says of her experience working with them.

"I can’t say enough about Project Pi Consulting,” Dawn remarks. “It has been an absolutely ideal process and they have been extremely efficient and knowledgeable. Devin and Jason helped guide me through my first year as a business owner and helped me open my creative side. My website was beyond expectations and their ongoing support has been nothing short of remarkable."

Refined, Saskatoon, Project Pi, Interactive, Online,Websites, Digital Services

Project Pi Adds Value to Business & Digital Marketing

Their distinct and tailored marketing options include Google Ads services, Facebook and Instagram advertising, consulting for social media strategy, and content marketing such as blogging, which is one tool that helps drive traffic towards websites. Although Hsu and Howell-Shiplack have mastered the digital world, building stand-out websites and providing valuable marketing advice are just one part of the bigger picture.

“We do build websites, but we don’t see ourselves as strictly a web design agency,” Hsu adds. “We look at what our clients need. It could be a website, a social media campaign or a business solution — whatever helps them become more successful, we’ll provide that.”

For Thomas Siarkos of Memories Dining & Bar in Regina, Project Pi did just that by taking their original ideas to a whole new level. “Project PI has added tremendous value to our business and digital marketing efforts,” Siarkos says. “We would easily recommend them to anyone looking for professional digital marketing services who want to see a return on investment within their business."

Refined, Saskatoon, Project Pi, Interactive, Online,Websites, Digital Services

As a business owner, you need to ensure you’re not missing out on important online opportunities. Thriving digitally can be a challenge, but that’s where Project Pi comes in. Helping small businesses reach their fullest potential is something Hsu and Howell-Shiplack love being a part of.

“Quality consulting services need to be available to small businesses,” Hsu concludes. “I enjoy taking that and making it available and affordable to small businesses to help them succeed.”


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