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“Sometimes we need to take the opportunity when it comes up. It’s like, do it now or never!” explains Jared Bugyi about opening his second Queen City Cakes store in Regina within a year. The business sells decadent (and creative) macarons, cake truffles, cookies, cupcakes and, of course, custom cakes.

Born and raised in Wishart, Saskatchewan, Jared attended the Art Institute of Vancouver - Dubrulle International Culinary Arts. He moved back to Regina from Vancouver three years ago. Jared has always baked, whether is was helping Grandma bake and sell cinnamon rolls at a farmers’ market or helping his mother make elaborate birthday cakes.

Queen City Cakes has the equivalent of six full-time employees. Jared describes their cakemaking process: “Our team works together to create every single cake. It’s a collaborative effort; we bake about 20 to 30 bespoke cakes each week.”

Dessert tables are trending: “They create a dynamic blend of textures and flavors to reflect each client’s personality and theme of the event. Cake truffles, macarons, cookies, cake; there are lots of options. A dessert table can be a great choice for wedding and baby showers, or birthdays and anniversary parties.”

How does Queen City Cakes decide which flavours to feature? “Like Saskatchewan’s seasons, we enjoy change and diversity in our flavours, especially summer with the abundance of local fresh fruit! Right now, I’m addicted to everything s’mores. It’s deadly,” jokes Jared.

Queen City Cakes also sells non-edible items such as bath bombs and candles, which Jared describes as “beautiful things that bring me joy!” Examples of Queen City Cakes’ sculptural and imaginative custom cakes can be viewed on Instagram @queencity_cakes.


Queen City Cakes

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Photos Roxanne Kanak