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About Rise by Design

Conscious and curious women everywhere are awakening to their gifts, their power and their purpose. But as we move into greater leadership, significantly more is being asked of us. As we strive to make bigger contributions in our lives and work, we often end up feeling overworked, overwhelmed, under-supported and frustrated rather than satisfied, accomplished and content.

Ready to Rise above it all? Join us this January!

Does any of this sound like you?

// You feel stuck, uncertain or unfulfilled.

// Your relationships lack the harmony or stability you desire.

// You have resistance around using your voice and asking for what you want and need.

// You struggle with visibility and the willingness to be truly and authentically seen.

// You lack clarity on your unique gifts, strengths and talents

// You don’t have the support and encouragement to make changes that are keeping you small.

// You crave the support of other women who can deeply relate to your challenges and fears.

In Rise by Design, alongside a group of other remarkable women, you’ll learn how to:

// Have more influence, impact and ease in every area of your life.

// Tap into your genuine strengths and learn to leverage them.

// Set and hold boundaries in your personal and professional life.

// Express your ideas with confidence and conviction.

// Increase your resourcefulness, creativity and earning potential.

// Get more comfortable with self-promotion and earn valuable recognition for your work.

// Integrate new mindsets and behaviours to enhance your performance, productivity, happiness and fulfillment.


Praise for Rise by Design:

For so long, I was listening to everyone else and ignoring my own inner wisdom. Rise by Design taught me how to tap into my inner mentor and trust myself so much more. I loved the content that Jami taught and I only wish the course would have gone longer! —Devon Fiddler, Founder of She Native

I loved this course because of its holistic and individual approach to personal growth and leadership. Jami has figured out a way to combine many schools of thought to address the fears that hold women back from shining completely. —Kristy Rempel, Marketing Manager

There was much to discover about myself, and through Rise by Design, I was able to get into layers of myself that I was previously unable to. —Christine Dragan

Jami gives us a safe place to dig as deep as we can so we can heal our wounds. She gives us space to be ourselves right where we are at and then uses her innate wisdom to challenge us to rise higher. —Karen Bardi, Entrepreneur


Launched in 2015 // 8-week program // More than 100 diverse female graduates

Winter sessions begin March 3, 2020 

Space is limited

Register: www.jamiyoung.com/risebydesign

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Candace Fox

Rise by Design with Jami Young


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