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When it comes to ensuring a safe swimming pool your family can enjoy worry-free, Ellis Pools & Const. Ltd. has you covered. “Safety will always be a priority,” says Ellis Pools owner Mark Ellis. His business carries a variety of power safety covers that provide peace of mind to pool owners with young children. “When closed, the safety factor is ensured. Parents don’t have to worry about their kids being out in the yard and falling into the pool.”

Crews can enhance older pools with surface-mount power covers, while new pools typically receive in-wall, out-of-sight covers mounted below deck. These sturdy fabric covers — operated by “constant contact” coded keypads — are strong enough to carry an adult’s weight, and secure enough to keep a child from getting beneath them. “I’ve had customers with newborn children who actually made me walk across the covers just to show how safe they are. If I can walk over a cover, then so can a child.”

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For 2018, Ellis Pools received its fourth Regina-area swimming pool contractors Consumer Choice Award. The company is a stroke ahead of the competition, renowned for its affordable rates, prompt project completions and attention to detail characterizing every swimming pool installation.

Unparalleled service and manufacturing quality define each Ellis Pools job. Skilled crews will assess the property, working with the client to determine what pool is best, accounting for municipal bylaws and considering how much and by whom the pool will be used, and what security protocols are necessary.

Ellis says: “The ‘staycation’ concept is ever growing and to our delight, that often means the addition of a swimming pool. We embrace designing and consulting with clients to achieve the end product they strive for.”

Refined, Homes, Regina, Ellis Pools, Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Local Companies, Local Businesses

Once the customer chooses a pool, Ellis Pools coordinates with excavators, concrete finishers, electrical contractors and landscapers to build a beautiful addition to any property. Ellis is deeply appreciative to everyone who aids in the finished product. “It’s a well-oiled machine that lends success to a job well done,” he says. “Occasionally there are challenges, but it’s those challenges that make you grow.”

Servicing is also important, which is why Ellis Pools provides repairs, renovations, cleaning and maintenance. According to Ellis, his superior staff continuously improves and enhance the company. “They’re eager to learn new things, they’re respectful, and they’re what makes Ellis Pools the success it is today. We are fortunate also to have a great customer base and we look forward to watching it grow.”

In terms of maintenance, Ellis notes, the previously mentioned power cover not only enhances safety, but also keeps rainwater out of the swimming pool, thus upholding the pool’s ideal water chemistry. “That’s a bonus,” he says, adding homeowners can choose an attractive coloured fabric to match the surrounding décor. “Typically, customers get covers that blend in with their scenery.”

Refined, Homes, Regina, Ellis Pools, Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Local Companies, Local Businesses

Ellis Pool’s local retail store showcases a complete line of parts and accessories, such as toys and loungers, LED lighting, saltwater chlorination generators, various filtration systems and robotic vacuums, as well as chemicals.

An online gallery ( highlights various Ellis-built pools, including those with popular concrete tanning ledges and paddling pools. For a free quote, contact the company online, via email or by telephone.


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