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“My love of beauty, and spending time with wonderful women bonding over beauty, has always been in my heart,” says Michelle Davis, owner of the new Regina aesthetics studio DermaPosh Skincare Haven. Michelle has more than 26 years of experience as an aesthetician and is a self-professed “skincare geek.”

Located in Brownstone Plaza in Regina’s Warehouse District, DermaPosh Skincare Haven just opened on October 2 of this year. Michelle chose the Warehouse District for the studio’s location because “it has the coolest stores and great local businesses that operate with passion.”

Michelle previously owned and operated Regent Esthetics in the 1990s. Right before she had her daughter Hunter in 2000, she shifted her focus to growing her home-based aesthetics and skincare business “so that I wouldn’t miss out on my daughter’s childhood.” Today, Hunter manages the front-end of DermaPosh Skincare Haven, including the makeup line, retail and client experience.

The studio’s “signature treatment” is DermaPosh Skin Tightening & Restructuring. The treatment uses technology to work within the dermal layer of the skin, directly activating the structures responsible for collagen production. “This skin tightening, restructuring and glow procedure is a great add-on to any facial or as a standalone service. Women tell me when they see themselves in that ugly mirror at work — the mirror we all have — seven to 10 days after the procedure, they can’t believe the great results!”

Michelle’s newest favourite treatment is the studio’s 24-Carat Gold Micro Infusion Facial Treatment. This procedure uses tiny needles to create channels in the skin’s surface, allowing micro droplets of treatment serum to be infused and creating a dramatically brightened complexion (this updated technology replaces micro-needling).

Another very popular procedure is body contouring. “We offer choices when it comes to body fat reduction. Lipo Laser is a fantastic choice to target areas of fat that are more resistant to changes in diet and exercise. For example, we can specifically target the belly, arms or back.”

Hunter, makeup collection designer

Michelle has also created her own “lovingly designed” DermaPosh Skincare product line, which is proudly manufactured in Canada. These products are paraben and gluten-free, cruelty-free, as well as low scent and coconut-free. Plus, DermaPosh offers a recycling incentive program. Products such as serums, day creams and night creams are affordably priced in the $40 to $50 range.

Michelle loves hyaluronic acid — which binds to water to help retain moisture — so she made sure that it’s featured in her entire anti-aging skincare line. “Products with hyaluronic acid create that smooth, hydrated skin we all want. I love the privilege of aging, but I also want to look healthy and glowy.”

Finally, Michelle offers a DermaPosh Skincare Club. Clients receive a DermaPosh Skin Tightening treatment, as well as a luxurious five-piece set to take home. Every two months, the set includes Hydraderm foaming cleanser, Hydraderm toner, anti-aging serum, anti-aging day cream and night cream. The package is a total cost savings of $112 every other month.

With years of experience and a love of beauty and skincare, DermaPosh is waiting to pamper you.


DermaPosh Skincare Haven

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