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There is a unique generation of women in our midst. These women did it all — studied, raised families, volunteered, made their professional mark and took care of aging parents — and they did it quietly and progressively, without social media to document every moment of their journeys. These remarkable women set the stage for the younger generation of successful entrepreneurs and professionals we see today. It’s time to celebrate their quiet accomplishments and the trails they blazed in our province!

Silvia Martini

Silvia Martini compares her personal journey to how a river carves a riverbank over time. Whether she is leading a board of directors or running her own company, Silvia is a visionary who focuses on a collaborative approach and bringing out the best in each team member.

Silvia grew up in the Toronto area as a first-generation Italian-Canadian. She discovered her love for the business world while working part-time at the tender age of 14. Her family instilled in her “integrity, resilience and a sense of no gender boundaries in terms of what I could achieve.”

Silvia’s early career as a director of convention marketing with the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC) led to meeting her husband Rick at a convention and then moving to Saskatoon in 1982.

Rick had founded his own ventilation company called Conservation Energy Systems and Silvia was able to bring her core values, marketing and strategic business background to help facilitate the company’s growth while pioneering a new industry. The couple built the company up to eventually employ 100 people in Saskatoon, with distribution throughout North America. In 1993, Rick and Silvia sold it to Venmar CES and the vanEE brand continues to be recognized and respected.

The couple then entered the local property market. Silvia became vice president, strategy & marketing development of Interlink Research Inc. The company focuses on new building technologies, providing desirable, quality residential leasing properties, all while incorporating sustainable building practices. “Success is so often based on dedicated effort over quality time. I search for the strength in people, and focus on positive and meaningful outcomes,” observes Silvia.

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As a leader and mentor, Silvia is currently chair of SaskWater’s board of directors. SaskWater is our province’s commercial Crown water utility and based out of Moose Jaw. Other boards where Silvia has served in various leadership capacities include the Raj Manek Mentorship Program, the Word on the Street Festival, the Princess Shop, and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. “I’m so honoured to work in my current role with SaskWater and to steward its Board,” Silvia adds.

What is Silvia’s advice for her beautiful and ambitious daughter, and for young women today beginning their careers and families? “The years are going to pass anyway, so my guiding force has always been to live very consciously and know what I value. Life is but a whisper. Enjoy each moment, and see your life as a building block of valuable experiences. Each step in life has a purpose and value, so be fully in the moment of each occasion, for each has a lesson.”

Silvia’s more recent advocacy is leading toward health system optimization. This quest is influenced by caring for aging parents, as well as losing her youngest daughter and the “complicated grief” she was left with.

Silvia’s own company, Martini Consulting, works on contract to support organizations in meeting specific strategy, governance and leadership excellence.


Martini Consulting


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Silvia Martini Lives & Leads with Integrity