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It’s an exciting time for women leaders around the world and right here at home in Saskatchewan. There has been a palpable change in the air — an unmistakable soul-stirring. The wild women are waking up and stepping into their purpose! One of the women helping to lead the pack is leadership coach, entrepreneur and compassionate change catalyst, Jami Young.


With routine travels across North America and the world to connect, contribute and create a powerful community of sisterhood that sees no borders, Young’s reach goes far beyond her home base in Saskatoon. Whether speaking to hundreds from a stage in Indonesia, facilitating intimate workshops across the U.S. or working one-on-one with clients across the globe from her cozy office, Young is enacting an undeniable shift in the way women are leading their lives.

“When we embrace what our true nature is, along with our unique gifts, skills, and talents, it dramatically changes things on so many different levels,” explains Young. “We start showing up more authentically and this positively affects every facet of our lives and work, with tremendous benefits to our relationships, businesses and organizations.”

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As the creator of a number of dynamic leadership programs for women, including Rise by Design, The Feminine LeaderShift, and Free to be Seen, Young is unquestionably contributing to a culture of empowerment and evolution. Working with executives, entrepreneurs and other professional women at all ages and stages of life, Young’s clients and students experience beautiful internal shifts that are often mirrored externally with new business ventures, ground-breaking creative projects and significantly more confidence in embracing leadership opportunities.

“Empowered women move out of the limiting mindsets of competition and comparison and are willing to work together to create innovative solutions and brighter possibilities for our children, our communities and the planet,” adds Young.

Refined, Regina, Jami Young, Female Leadership, Female Entrepreneurs, Rise By Design, Feminine LeaderShift, Free To Be Seen, Local Business Owners


The most impactful and rewarding outcome of Young’s work to date is the establishment of an expansive network of sisterhood. “It’s been truly remarkable seeing the deep and meaningful relationships that have emerged as a result — all these women who are supporting, encouraging and celebrating each other. It’s this vibrant feminine-fuelled community; a genuine sisterhood has come to life that didn’t exist previously,” Young beams. Witnessing the ongoing growth of this community is the ultimate measurement of success for Young. “It’s hard to put into words how profoundly moving it’s been to watch it all happen.”

Young is always excited and eager to welcome more women into the sisterhood, and there are many opportunities to work with her individually or in a collective environment. Just let your heart lead the way and explore that stirring in your soul! To learn more about Young’s annual programs, upcoming workshops or to inquire about one-on-one coaching visit

Recognized nationally, Jami Young was the recipient of Business and Professional Women of Canada's Leadership Award this past summer in Ottawa. Garnering local accolades, Young is also a two-time YWCA Women of Distinction nominee, recipient of the Athena Young Professional Award and was named one of CBC’s Future 40. With a long list of volunteer and philanthropic endeavours, Young was recognized with an AFP Honoured Supporter Award in 2017.

Ready to join the network? Register for Jami's upcoming Rise by Design YQR (Leadership Training for Women) happening in June 2019:

Refined, Regina, Jami Young, Female Leadership, Female Entrepreneurs, Rise By Design, Feminine LeaderShift, Free To Be Seen, Local Business Owners

What past clients, students & graduates say about Jami Young

“She creates a safe space for the contemplation that this type of work requires and assists clients in identifying their core desires, purpose and POWER.”

“Jami Young’s legacy already has a bold outline and continues to be sketched on the local and larger community canvas.”

“Jami’s kindness, all-inclusive nature, accessibility, powerful intuition, confidence and spiritual preparedness sets her above the rest. She has a genuine curiosity about others' hearts and minds, yet always asks permission to enter.”
Instagram: @stilljami
Facebook: @jamiyoungleadership
Twitter: @saysjami

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