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Choosing the right fireplace for your home and family is a big decision, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have transitioned through multiple homes (and fireplaces) over the years. Classic stove or fireplace? Electric, gas or wood? Modern or traditional?

With locations in Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton, Northern Fireplace has been helping people enhance their homes with high-quality heating appliances for more than two decades. Their expert team offers on-on-one assistance with every aspect of the process, from deciding on their appliance to financing and installation.

“We’re here to help people in the process of what they want to add to their home, whether it’s for heating, ambience or both,” says Northern Fireplace owner Steve Flett. “It’s a focal part of the home and something that their family is going to sit around and enjoy together.”

At the Saskatoon showroom, you can explore a wide selection of energy-efficient stoves and fireplace models, in styles ranging from traditional log to modern linear to outdoor/specialty. The display units enable you to see up close how the product works so you can determine if it’s right for you. Northern Fireplace also features mantles and can install custom brick and stonework, cabinets and ceramic tile, further tailoring your appliance to your needs.

For grilling enthusiasts, Northern Fireplace is a one-stop shop. The company features close to 30 BBQ styles as well as wood chips, different fuels for pellet grills, charcoal, grilling tools, spices and rubs and even cookbooks. “People come in on Fridays and Saturdays to pick up their weekend supplies,” says Steve.

While most customers come to Northern Fireplace with an understanding of general fireplace options, Steve says they are often surprised by how flexible the technology has become. For example, if you want the ambience of your gas or wood burning fireplace but with less heat, a heat duct can be installed that transfers the heat to another part of the house. Remote controls can be used to adjust fireplace settings, and LED lights can enhance the ambience of your appliance.

Another option that has gained popularity in recent years is linear fireplaces, which allow for your TV to be positioned above. While all gas fireplaces used to require a safety screen — which obscured the view of the flames — there are now designs with dual layers of glass, with the outer layer being a “cool touch” glass that pulls heat away. With this design, your fireplace has a clean face look and you don’t have to worry about electronics (such as your TV) overheating. Mesh screen designs have also improved, with micro mesh giving enhanced visibility of the flames while still providing protection.

Once you’ve chosen your fireplace, installation is the next step. The Northern Fireplace team includes factory-certified installers who ensure your appliance installation is completed to the highest level of specification. “People appreciate our installers’ professionalism and thoroughness in making sure it’s done right the first time,” says Steve. “They also tell us that we’re neat and tidy and considerate of their home.” The company also has a gas fitter on staff as needed.

Northern Fireplace welcomes you to visit their showroom and discover the range of fireplace options available. You’ll receive personalized service, have all your questions answered and be one step closer to making your fireplace dreams a reality.

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