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Warm nights and warmer days give us the license to experiment with our style. I, for one, have always loved the freedom that summer brings. Without the constraints of wind chill, suddenly the entire fashion gamut is available; nothing is off-limits. Designer Laura Crossman of Whiskey Teacup created custom looks with our leading lady, the presently Milan-based, Hannah Audette. Let us present to you our Summer Play: the Damsel, the Ingenue, the Siren. We'll let you decide who's who, but more importantly, let this summer season bring out your inner characters vying to be seen. View the complete editorial at


Photographer: Nicole Romanoff

Hair: Jenna Storozynski of Capelli Salon Studio

Makeup: Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry

Model: Hannah Audette of Edge Agency

Designer: Laura Crossman of Whiskey Teacup

Wardrobe Stylist: Jacqueline Conway