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Approaching 15 years in the interior design world, Atmosphere Interior Design owners Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona reflect on the unexpected challenges, humbling recognition and many learning lessons of owning a successful company in an industry not so synonymous with prairie life.

Staying relevant in a smaller market and adapting their design esthetic to be more versatile for clients has been a huge challenge, yet, it’s what continues to satisfy the pair’s creative fulfillment. Enjoying every project and the journey along the way, the recipe for success seems to be quite simple for Atmosphere — transparency, trust and happy customers.

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Sitting in the Atmosphere design library, it is hard not to be completely in awe of the massive space with organized wall-to-wall slots of fabric choices, wallpaper designs and upholstery samples. Anchored by large white marble tables and hanging chandeliers, it is easy to grasp the enormity of the design world and what that means for not only aesthetics, but also project management.

“I think we have done a fairly good job of portraying the true interior design process to our clients and the public versus what they see on television. There is a lot of trust that goes into what we do on both ends, and every project is different. Generally, as long as expectations are clear and there is transparency throughout, the experience is always positive,” explains Curtis. The successful Saskatoon based design company attributes its early success and growth to their forward design style, word of mouth and clients returning with new projects.

Being recognized for their work, Curtis and Trevor have been featured in national magazines, applauded by industry heavyweights with awards and have become a design force on social media. So why Saskatoon? “Trevor and I are very happy here, so the personal fulfillment we get from that is huge. We get to meet and work with people here on a much more intimate level. Projects are always changing in scope and size, clients are more willing to trust us and let us have more of an impact on their design choices, so there’s the design fulfillment as well,” explains Curtis.

Refined, Lifestyles, Saskatoon, Atmosphere, Interior Design, Design, Home, Decor, Designs, Furniture, Curtis Elmy, Trevor Ciona

Honing in on their design aesthetic as “Masculine Lux,” the design pair and their team at Atmosphere have projects ranging from ultra-modern to classic historic and everything in between. “We are geographically in the middle where people are influenced by so many different design styles. People look at our work and they aren’t quite sure where we are located. We get calls from people in New York, London, England and even Florida, so it has been interesting to see how our work resonates with different people in various areas around the world,” explains the design duo.

Always quick to note that it takes a team to execute their vision, Trevor and Curtis are most proud of the relationships built with staff, trades and clients over the years. “We have been able to build families and friendships and that’s the part we look back on now and will remember in 30 years. Those relationships were established on the creative front, allowing us to grow our business and do what we love, but truly those friendships are the ultimate paycheck,” explains Curtis. With much to celebrate for Atmosphere Interior Design, Curtis and Trevor have no plans to slow down and are excited for the future and its plentiful array of projects on the horizon.

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  • On the Western Living “Designers of the Year” Awards list twice
  • Their more than 26K Instagram followers could fill Madison Square Garden (follow @mrcurtiselmy)
  • Ivanka Trump once pinned their work on her Pinterest board
  • Design icon Jonathan Adler follows them on Instagram
  • Added to the list of A-list designers invited to design a room at the Christopher Kennedy Compound during Palm Spring’s Modernism Week
  • Their new two-story office at the Blok on Avenue B South is also home to their boutique collection of home furnishings, available to more than their design clients