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Each person is unique and has different considerations when choosing the right mattress. There are a lot of assumptions people have about mattress selection. As a sleep expert, here are a few myths I’d like to clarify:

1. A firmer mattress is better.

Often people purchase a firmer mattress in hopes of getting better back support. The truth is that the best mattress for your back is the one that feels the best to you. All mattresses provide pressure relief in the top portion of the mattress and back support in the bottom part. The best combination of the two and how they feel to you is what you should look. for in a mattress. Ultimately, the best bed is the one that is most comfortable for you.

2. High coil count in mattresses is critical for support.

Mattress support is much more than simply the amount of coils. The coils do not make the difference. Mattress support is much more than simply the amount of coils. The coils do not make the difference. Characteristics such as type, gauge and tempering are far more critical and important. High coil count alone in no way means you have a better bed and should not have a huge impact on your purchase decision.

3. Silk, cashmere and wool make a bed more comfortable.

When used on a mattress, only small amounts of these materials are in the upper padding. This only makes a bed more expensive. When you cover your mattress with a pad and sheets, you do not directly feel the surface anyway.

4. Stores sell the same mattress under different names.

Retailers often claim that a particular mattress they sell is comparable to a competitor’s mattress. Though you may find beds that are alike, most “comparables” have little in common. They may look exactly the same on the outside, but will likely have different amounts and grades of foam. Unless it is
the same manufacturer and the bed has the same name at both locations, there will be a difference.

5. I save a lot of money when mattresses are 50% off.

Be wary of retailers with frequent half price sales. It can be a tell-tale sign that they have regularly inflated prices. These sales only give you the illusion that you are saving big.

6. A better quality mattress costs more.

Firstly, the fifth piece of advice above debunks this myth. Secondly, price differences can reflect the price of the foam. Foams with higher grades and densities cost more. Yet, expensive foam does not necessarily mean more comfort. Again, purchase what you find comfortable, not what is more expensive.

7. Mattress salespeople are always objective.

In a perfect world, this would be true. However, manufacturers offer financial incentives known as SPIFs (salesperson incentive funds) to push various brands and models. Always keep in mind that only you can know what is best for you.
If nothing else remember these simple rules: The only thing that matters in a mattress is comfort and durability. Nobody knows what is right for you, except you. Everybody has different comfort levels. Let your body tell you what is right.
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